People In Montreal Are Taking To Social Media To Complain About Terrible Service At The SQDC

They're going to have to work really hard to earn our trust.
People In Montreal Are Taking To Social Media To Complain About Terrible Service At The SQDC

Marijuana has been legal in Canada for almost two months now, so most of the excitement has pretty much worn off and we've all gone back to our regular lives. Quebec seems to have it a bit worse than other provinces, though, because residents have a strong hatred for the SQDC.

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TL;DR After two months since the SQDC first opened across Quebec, Montrealers have taken to Twitter and Reddit to voice their anger and frustration over the difficulties the government-run stores have been facing. Read below for more information.

You really can't blame them either. First, shortages began just days after stores opened. Then you have the discovery of products weighing less than they're sold for, not to mention that the stores are only open from Thursday to Sunday now due to lack of product, which will probably continue well into 2019.

So, yes, most of us are fed up with Quebec's cannabis store. What better way to let off some of that steam than to post some rants about it on social media?

Luckily, many others sharing the same views as you have made their concerns and frustration public. It just so happens that a majority of the population (or, at least, a majority of customers on social media) is totally done with the SQDC and their antics.

No offence but @La_SQDC is the worst drug dealer in the entire universe.

November 8, 2018

Congratulations on being basically the only product in stock at the SQDC too!

November 29, 2018

Montrealers had harsh words.

The SQDC is a joke !! They were popping for literally a week then u never heard shit about them again. Fkn sad to be honest legalize trees but u guys NEVER have inventory,, a lot to learn bout supply n demand smh #StillSmokinRegarless 🤷🏾‍♂️

December 8, 2018

Yes it is crazy only the government is allowed to use the cannabis leaf emblem here in Quebec. And the labeling is awful full of lies and untruths but when I questioned them they said they are bound by health Canada 🤦🏼‍♀️

December 9, 2018

Montrealers took to Reddit as well to voice their opinion on how the SQDC is doing after a few months of business:

@montrealhistoriasembedded via  

"Last time I was there (Last Sunday) selection was pretty dismal. I haven't figured out what the best day to go is yet but pretty much every time I go, I can either get Grandma's hip pain medication or XxxBL4ZeITxXX LVL99 Kush Wizard smoke that'll have me in full tilt psychosis mode if I smoke more than a crumb. Nothing in between." - eleven-fu

"I emailed them to know if a product sold out online meant it was sold out in every store. It took them 13 days to answer this:

Une rupture de stock en ligne ne signifie pas que le produit est en rupture de stock en boutique. Comment puis-je vérifier si un produit est offert en succursale? Pour connaître les produits offerts en succursale, communiquez directement par téléphone avec notre Centre de relation clientèle. Note : Ce courriel vous a été envoyé d’une adresse ne pouvant recevoir de messages. Merci de ne pas y répondre.

Cordiales salutations,

L’équipe du Centre de relation clientèle SQDC" - workhardXplayhard

"Doesn't really matter honestly, they don't have enough stock for 12 stores, imagine when they try 150... I think there are more drug dealers in Parc Lafontaine in Montreal than there is SQDC in the whole province. The distribution is screwed up. They estimate demand to be around 200 tons and Santé Canada expect 900 tons. I wonder what kind of tourism boom we will get from legal marijuana, I mean it is clear there is world wide demand for it, some people to go Amsterdam almost exclusively to smoke weed. Also I know there is a store planned for Candiac, near the SAQ. With Legault, we will have to wait and see what the CAQ wants to do." - Gustomucho

For the most part, Montrealers are as understanding as can be, but we've finally had enough of the SQDC. 

Let us know what you think of Quebec's government-run cannabis stores!


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