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How Drag Helped This Iconic Canadian Queen Achieve Her Dreams

"Drag isn't a job, it truly is a culture," Priyanka told Narcity.

The queen herself, Canadian Drag icon Priyanka, sat down for Narcity's qNa series to spill the tea on Canada's Drag Race, her new album, and what it's like being an icon.

Although she came into Canada's Drag Race believing she was a contender, she did have moments of doubt after being in the bottom twice.

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How 7 Indigenous Creators Are Taking Over TikTok & Bridging Cultural Divides

You need to follow them!

TikTok has allowed Indigenous content creators to not only raise awareness about issues affecting their communities in Canada but also to share their histories, personal stories and ancestry with the online world.

From showcasing their culture to their art, fashion, music or lived experiences, these Indigenous creators in Canada are taking over TikTok for good reason. Are you following them yet? Because, if not, you should be.

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Holness Is Calling For More Housing For Indigenous Community Members In Milton-Parc

His party released a six-point plan and called out the Plante administration.

Montreal mayoral candidate Balarama Holness has a new proposal to create homes for members of Indigenous communities who have been affected by recent displacements in the Milton-Parc neighbourhood.

Calling out a "lack of leadership" from Mayor Valérie Plante, Holness and his Mouvement Montréal party say in a press release shared with MTL Blog that they have "opened dialogues with local Indigenous organizations and community housing initiatives to determine how best we can build a safer and stronger city."

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We Spoke To Olympic Athlete Caileigh Filmer About What It Means To Be Resilient & Determined

And how you can celebrate Team Canada this year.

Watching Team Canada compete in the Summer Olympics is a special occasion for many Canadians. It's a chance to celebrate, show your pride and cheer on athletes as they represent the country on the world stage.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games — delayed for a year due to the pandemic — are just around the corner, but for both athletes and fans, the experience will be completely unprecedented. For the first time, the Olympic Games will go on without spectators in the stands.

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Carey And Angela Price Are Renovating Their Kelowna Home & Photos Online Give A Sneak Peek

There's even a "fun house."

On Wednesday, Angela Price, wife of Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price, and Vancouver-based contractors Vertical Grain Projects posted photos offering a little peek at the renovation of the Prices' home in Kelowna, B.C.

Details are few, but the posts do hint at some intriguing details, including a mysterious "fun house" for Carey.

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Carey Price Moved Into The Basement During The Stanley Cup Playoffs

His wife Angela described his return to "normal life" after the Stanley Cup Final.

Carey Price's wife Angela says her Montreal Canadiens goalie husband was so focused during the playoffs that he moved into their basement.

MTL Blog spoke to Angela on Friday, July 16 to chat about the aftermath of the Stanley Cup playoffs, as well as the couple's partnership with Amazon and the Breakfast Club of Canada to surprise a local hero with a free home makeover.

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