15 Beautiful Pictures & Videos Of Montreal's Stunning Snowfall Yesterday

It was like living in a snow globe! ☃
15 Beautiful Pictures & Videos Of Montreal's Stunning Snowfall Yesterday

Were you out in the beautiful snowfall that covered Montreal yesterday? Well, I was. And I saw at least 10 people with their phones out, snapping pictures and capturing video of the fat, slowly falling snow. Myself included. I couldn't help but record a couple of photos and videos of Montreal at its finest as the snow it fell so perfectly. Big, fat clumps of snowflakes swirling slowly towards the ground. 

I even saw some people on video chat, presumably sharing the real-life snowglobe surroundings to family in other, warmer countries. 

The snow yesterday was the kind of stuff they use movie magic to create on the big screen - and we got to experience it for real, firsthand. 

Sure, Montreal weather can certainly be a pain during the winter months... streets are slippery, sidewalks are almost impossible to walk on and the temperature drops to temperatures that rival Siberia.

But, for me, it's all worth it when we get big, beautiful snow like the one we got yesterday.

Okay, I might be a little biased because I crave the snow so that I can hit the slopes and get in some snowboarding. But, I also just love the romantic feeling of walking through the Montreal streets as the snow falls. 

And I can tell from these photos and videos that I am not alone in this love for Montreal as the snow falls.

Tons of people took to Instagram and Twitter to share their own personal snowscape as it was happening around them.

The sentiment amongst these amateurs (or professional) photographers and videographers was certainly nothing short of "let it snow."

And that time-old phrase really does capture the feeling when the snow is falling so gently and beautifully.

Now, when it's coming down sideways with the wind bringing the temperature down an extra 10 degrees?

We're a little more likely to say, "make it stop!"

Which is what makes days like yesterday so special... the winter weather was really cooperating, if you think about it.

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It wasn't too cold and there wasn't much wind. Just the perfect combination for the softly falling snow we experienced.

Which could not have been more different than the day before, where it rained most of the day before switching to a weird freezing rain/rain combo that was not fun at all.

Perhaps that's another reason I romanticize days like yesterday so much... They are few and far between.

Usually, it feels like the snow is out to destroy us, not make our day.

But yesterday, Montreal's snowfall seemed destined to deliver the best Instagram stories you've ever posted, sans filter and all.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and videos as much as I enjoyed being out in the snow yesterday!

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