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The Defining Moments Of 2019 In Montreal According To Your Instagram Feed

A decade in review, thanks to the use of all of our Instagram feeds.
The Defining Moments Of 2019 In Montreal According To Your Instagram Feed
  • As 2019 comes to an end, MTL Blog thought it would be fun to look through photos of Montreal throughout the year to see which events had the largest impact on our city.
  • Take a walk down memory lane as we go through the biggest 2019 events that made their way to everyone's Instagram feed!

As the year comes to an end, it's a perfect time to reflect on all of the moments that went on throughout the past 12 months. For all of us living in Montreal, or for the ones who visited throughout the year, we got to see photos of so many of the city's unique events appear on social media. It's hard to pinpoint moments that moved us as we live in a city that is constantly on the go. However, I do know after looking through photos of Montreal in 2019, our city had some incredible highs, as well as some lows. But, it was undeniably a photogenic year.

Some cool new spots opened, a lot of celebrities came to hang out and the city removed the iconic rainbow balls in the Village. In between all of these moments, life happened.

As a city, we cried, we laughed, we marched, we danced and we lived. We are the tapestry that makes Montreal what it is, and together, we will continue to make it a city that we can be proud of.

But, before we say goodbye to 2019, I thought it would be fun to take a little stroll through the past year to see what exactly went down in our city - through the eyes of social media.

Because let’s face it, if we didn’t post it, did it really happen?

It's easy to say that 2019 was a good year for cuilnary everything in Montreal. Food halls became all the rage. And, luckily for us, downtown was blessed with not one, but two awesome food courts: LE CENTRAL and Time Out Market.

We also put good use to the Olympic Stadium as food trucks from around the city got together for Food Truck Fridays!

And, in true MTL fashion, an epic restaurant opened right in time for the new year, The Farsides. It has true 90s Brooklyn feels, so as the days move forward, you'll always have somewhere to reminisce. 

We even got a new Michael Kors Flagship store in the heart of downtown, just in time for Christmas!

[rebelmouse-image 26887760 photo_credit="Katina Goulakos" expand=1 original_size="640x853"] Katina Goulakos

There were some moments, when our feed was floaded with things that made our stomachs turn, like this lovely couple.

While other times, our hearts broke a little, like when the iconic rainbow balls were removed from the Village. 

The epic summer of 2019 came and went, but the pictures and memories will last forever.

Grand Prix, Jazz Festival and Just For Laughs are some of the events that stand out most in my memory.

Clearly, Montrealers are fine with crowds.

And, undoubtedly, 2019 managed to bring the child out in all of us as we were graced with HideSeek.

The year also brought upon new experiences, like the "Imagine Van Gogh" exhibition that made it's way to Montreal from France.

Montreal stood behind Great Thunberg as she led the historic Climate Change march, which was the biggest march in Quebec history.

And a Montreal politician won the federal election, again.

2019 was also the year that lime scooters took over our city.

And the year that Celine Dion cancelled two of her shows due to said sickness, which left Montrealers sending her tons and tons of supportive messages.

But, she came back and reminded us all why she is still the Québécois queen!

Celine was not the only celebrity to be spotted in our city.

Kevin Hart spent some time posing in front of orange construction signs.

Idris Elba spent a few days in the city and in this short time ended the bagel wars.

And Noah Schnapp confirmed just how good The Orange Julep really is.

[rebelmouse-image 26887761 photo_credit="Mtlblog" expand=1 original_size="677x491"] Mtlblog

Ashley Tisdale fell in love with our coffee and we fell in love with her.

Liam Hemsworth brought some heat to the Mount Royal lookout.

Justin Baldoni and his family moved here for a few months while he was filming a new movie.

Meanwhile, Michelle Pfeiffer posed in front of Leonard Cohen and claimed how much she loves him.

And who can forget when Oprah surprised students at a Montreal school and gave them all an inspiring speech.

And then she hiked Mount Royal like a true Montrealer.

Igloo Fest warmed us up during in the cold of winter, as it will continue to do for years and years to come.

Osheaga broughout in people from all over the world to Parc Jean-Drapeau.

And Metro Metro was a huge success!

Montreal will forever love concerts.

The St. Patricks Day Parade was festive as always!

Comicon let the city be filled with the coolest costumes.

Halloween at La Ronde scared the sh*t out of us.

Ilumi Cavalia was something that truly impressed us all.

2019 was also the year that PY1 came to existance.

And the year Bal En Blanc was held at New City Gas.

Not to mention - who could forget how fire Ilesoniq was?

We're definitely hoping to see all of these events come back next year.

Montreal En Lumière lit up the city.

With the help of Jardins en Lumière.

And, as usual, the Old Port fireworks were mezmerizing.

One thing is for sure, no one will ever forget the agony of the Orange line being down time and time again.

Or the horrendous sight of orange that surrounded every corner we turned.

At least we were able to have some fun with it.

Thankfully Montreal finished the Champlain Bridge so it gave us one less thing to complain about in 2020.

A city as quirky as Montreal had to end the year on a high as we all asked ourselves "why did the aligator cross the road?"

2019 was amazing folks, and if we learnt anything it is that if you don't post it, it doesn't happen! Happy new year readers, I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for MTL! 

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