Photos Showing STM Bus In Montreal That Skidded On Ice And Crashed Into A Tower Of Pallets

It's dangerous out there!
Photos Showing STM Bus In Montreal That Skidded On Ice And Crashed Into A Tower Of Pallets

With all of the ice and water on the road yesterday and this morning, public transit is especiallly busy. Many who would normally choose to walk or bike are forgoing the icy sidewalks in favour of the warm, safe bus.

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TL;DR A bus was hit by a truck before skidding into some wood palletes yesterday, according to photos sent to MTLBlog.

Even drivers often choose to take public transit on days like this. Buses are well-known for their safety and the good track record of their drivers. In Canada, you are ten times less likely to be in a fatal accident in a bus than any other kind of motor vehicle. 

However, buses have their bad days, too. Very often, buses will get stuck in the snow, or run out of fuel, and need to be towed away. And, occasionally, they will crash spectacularly.

Photos sent to MTLBlog yesterday depict a bus that ran headfirst into some wood pallets. The photographer, who prefers to remain anonymous, sates that "it seems like a truck hit the bus, which then skidded into this pile of pallets."

Via MTLBlog

The tip describes a loud "smash." Let's all send our best wishes to the poor bus, which appears to be in a bad shape.

Luckily, it doesn't seem to have caused damage to any persons. The photographer goes on to say, "I don't think anyone was hurt since this is right near the STM hub so bus was probably in transit."

Via MTLBlog

I thought my morning commute was bad, but these photos are making me reconsider that. I can handle slipping and sliding while running to catch the bus, missing it, and having to wait for three more buses to pass me by because they're too full. This bus has obviously had a worse start to the morning than most of us.

Do you have any nightmare commuting stories from this morning? PS, don't forget to thank your bus driver today.


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