Pit Bull Who Bit Four Children In Montreal North To Be Put Down

The judge wants to end the animal's confinement.
Pit Bull Who Bit Four Children In Montreal North To Be Put Down

UPDATE: After a court rejection of an appeal to stop euthanization, the city of Montreal has postponed putting down the dog until a decision is reached in the next two weeks regarding another appeal, according to CJAD. Stay tuned for updates.

Last summer, a pit bull in Montreal North got loose and managed to attack two children on the same day. The dog then

Well, according to multiple Montreal news sources, the dog is officially going to be put down as a result of these violent attacks. 

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TL;DR The infamous pitbull of Montreal North who attacked a brother and sister in the same day last summer will likely be put down as judge calls to end the animal's cruel confinement while court proceedings continue. 

According to an interview done by CTV, the dog was a rescue that was a year and a half old when it attacked two children on the same day.

Apparently, the elderly woman took the dog in while the owner was away. Before she was able to do so, the dog attacked her granddaughter who was subsequently taken to hospital to get 16 stitches for the wounds on her head.

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While the woman was at the hospital, the dog managed to escape again, this time biting the girl's older brother and breaking his arm, causing him to need reconstructive surgery.

According to the CBC, Montreal's animal control bylaw states that any animal that "bites and lacerates more than one person must be put down," however this dog has been thus far protected by a civil suit to protect against euthanasia.

The lawyer of the dog owner was attempting to appeal with the courts to send the dog to a shelter where it would undergo rehabilitation training, according to CJAD.

The judge wants to finally put an end to the dog's confinement, which has lasted nearly seven months. Whether this means sending the dog to a rehabilitation facility in the States or euthanasia is apparently still up for debate.

The lawyer who was acting as the defence on this case may choose to appeal the decision, so, for now, we wait until a final decision is actually acted upon.

While there are countless stories about the two children bit on the same day, the other two instances of the dog biting people are harder to find details. While it's clear that this dog has an aggressive streak, I was unable to find details about the other two instances.

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