Police Looking For Dangerous Armed Assailant On The Loose In Montreal

Suspect still at large.
Police Looking For Dangerous Armed Assailant On The Loose In Montreal

Typically, when a crime in Montreal is committed, police are able to identify potential suspects and make an arrest almost immediately. It definitely keeps the public's mind at ease knowing that the threat or danger isn't running around the city and unidentified.

This does, unfortunately, happen at times. Although police do what they can to keep criminals from escaping a crime scene, there are instances where the public must come together in solving the mystery of where someone actually went.

Well, this just so happens to be the case right now, as Montreal police are at a loss of where the suspect of a stabbing has gone.

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TL;DR At 2:10 a.m. on February 2, 2019, in Montreal's Southwest borough, a victim suffered several stab wounds. The suspect of the armed assault is identified in a surveillance video. The SPVM is asking for the public's help to identify the suspect, who is currently still on the loose.


At 2:10 a.m. on February 2, 2019, the man seen in the photo above is suspected to have performed an armed assault on another individual. 

The victim suffered several stab wounds in the Southwest borough of Montreal, on Monk Blvd.

Yes, this crime took place over two months ago and the suspect is still on the loose in the city.

Luckily, a surveillance camera did capture an image of the man, who was wearing black or dark blue pants with grey sneakers and a black or dark blue winter coat.

The man also looks to have short black or dark brown hair and a tanned complexion.

The SPVM is asking that any witnesses of the crime, or anyone with information about the suspect, to come forward.

If the information is time-sensitive or there is a potential sighting of the suspect, call 911 immediately.

Any other leads canbe directed to Info-Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133.

Stay tuned for more information.