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Police Warning: Quebec Roads Will Be Under Intense Surveillance Until January

The holidays have arrived and that means 3 things: parties, presents, and of course, police surveillance.

Every year the police in Quebec set up roads blocks during the month of December to catch drivers who may have been partying a little too hard. But this year, the SPVM is promising that surveillance on the roads will be more intense than ever

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Du 29 novembre au 3 janvier, l’ensemble des services de police du Québec, en collaboration avec @SAAQ, intensifieront leurs interventions ciblant la capacité de conduite affaiblie par l’alcool ou la drogue. Conduire chaud, conduire gelé, c’est non.

November 30, 2018

To give you an idea of how intense it will be. There will be 2,900 roadblocks in place across the province of Quebec over the next 35 days. 

For the first time, police will not only be looking for people who have been drinking, they will also be paying particularly close attention to people who are suspected of having consumed marijuana before driving.

The police still do not have any devices to test if you're high so they will be relying on good old fashion tests like making you walk a straight line and flashing a light in your face. (Real science-ey stuff.) 

Depuis octobre, les opérations B.R.A.V.E.S (barrages routiers, alcool au volant et évaluation de stupéfiants) ont lieu quotidiennement à Montréal. Entre le 17 octobre au 18 novembre, 19 personnes ont été arrêtées en lien avec la capacité de conduite affaiblie.#SécuritéRoutiè

November 19, 2018

So when if you're driving in Quebec between now and January, be prepared to deal with a lot of roadblocks.


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