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Poutineville Has 2 New Holiday Poutines & They're Like A Whole Christmas Meal In One Pile

I'll take these over a Christmas dinner any day.
Poutineville Has 2 New Holiday Poutines & They're Like A Whole Christmas Meal In One Pile
  • Poutineville is serving two new holiday-themed poutines for a limited time and they're like a mixture of all your Christmas leftovers.
  • Hardcore holiday fanatics can chow down on these towering poutines until January 15.

It looks like every restaurant is getting in on the over-the-top, I-think-I-want-to-eat-that, but-it-also-looks-terrifying, will-my-pants-fit-after holiday food menu. Last week Allô! Mon Coco revealed its Christmas brunch menu with things like red velvet pancakes covered in whipped cream and chocolate. Now there is news that Montreal favourite, Poutineville has launched two new holiday poutines that you can enjoy in the coming weeks.

The poutines are only available for a limited time, now through to mid-January, and promise a gluttonous, cheese and gravy filled dining experience that you may not be sure you wanted. 

Combining Quebec's most popular dish with a traditional holiday meal (and shallots...lots of shallots), the two new poutines will leave you reminiscing of your family meals, if your family meals were served in one gigantic layered bowl. 

Forget the gourmand in you, tell your culinary taste buds to take a break until tomorrow. Priced at $14, these poutines are the pinnacle of comfort food, with a splash of nostalgia and perhaps if you finish the whole bowl, a dash of regret. All things perfect for the holiday season. 

First up is the Mrs. Claus Poutine which is served on crushed potatoes, mixed with mashed potatoes, mozzarella, fresh cheese curds, slow-cooked braised beef, topped with a red wine sauce and shallots.

[rebelmouse-image 26887795 photo_credit="Courtesy of Poutineville" expand=1 original_size="984x729"] Courtesy of Poutineville

Does the thought of eating all of this leave you drooling, but worried about how to make the voyage back home when stuffed with so much goodness? Don't even move off that couch! Poutineville has teamed up with most every delivery service to ensure a comfortable comatose state.

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Second on the menu is The Rudolph Poutine which is also a mix of crushed and mashed potatoes with melted mozzarella, fresh cheese curds, served with chicken, home gravy, and shallots and topped with a delicious cranberry sauce. 

[rebelmouse-image 26887796 photo_credit="Courtesy of Poutineville" expand=1 original_size="993x732"] Courtesy of Poutineville

If you're busy this holiday season and want to cut out the middle man, you could always just go straight for Poutineville's 15-pound poutine, aptly named "The Heart Attack." 

Poutineville Unveils Its Limited Time Christmas Poutines

When: Now until January 15

Where: Several locations around Quebec

Cost: $14


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