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6 Spots In Quebec That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Munich For Christmas

Montreal has everything, including a little bit of Munich!
6 Spots In Quebec That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Munich For Christmas
  • Quebec is filled with Christmas markets, which make you feel like you've flown to Germany for the holidays.
  • Munich, Germany during the holiday season has to be one of the most beautiful sights to see, but when money's tight, seeing it for real isn't always an option.
  • Find out the spots you can pretend to be in Munich while staying in Montreal!

There is an undeniable European vibe that exudes from our city thanks to its history. Most people tend to compare Quebec to France, for obvious reasons, but I think there's a bit of Germany in the inner workings of our island. Influence from Munich, Germany especially.  Some places self-identify as German markets, like the Christmas market in Quebec City, while others have seemingly German influence without realizing it.

There is something about the holiday season that makes us want to take off and discover a new city, however, with the cost of travel being quite high, many of us need to settle with staying home for the holidays. The notion of having a “staycation” during eggnog season is quite enticing, and what is merrier than pretending to be in Munich for Christmas?

The great thing about living in a city as multicultural as Montreal is that you can give yourself the illusion of being somewhere completely different, depending on where you go in the city. We live in an amazing city that provides its locals with a ton of beauty and charm that usually is found overseas.

It may suck not being able to go anywhere this Christmas but you can always go to Munich - for the day that is!

Atwater Christmas Market - Kripperlmark am Rindermakt

Atwater's stunning Christmas Market is one of the most loved and visited Christmas attractions in the city and it also so happens to be very much like Munich's Kripperlmark am Rindermakt.

Both markets are located in their city's centre, both serve a variety of foods and beverages, and both have local artisans selling their goods.

If the real Munich is out of reach this season, why not pretend to be a tourist at the Atwater Christmas Market?

Find out more about the Atwater Christmas Market here!

Hôtel William Gray - Hotel Opera

Hôtel William Gray is one of the most charming and adored hotels in Old Montreal and it has always reminded me of the Hotel Opera in Munich.

Hotel Opera is an ultra-glam hotel that was originally built in the 19th century. Its old-world charm and strikingly similar to the lure of William Gray makes this a great spot to spend the holidays, Munich style.

Discover Hotel William Gray here

Christ Church Cathedral - St. Peter's Church

Montreal is crawling with gorgeous churches and cathedrals. One of the most visited sights in Munich is St. Peter's Church, which resembles Montreal's Christ Church Cathedral tremendously.

The interior of the Montreal Cathedral has significantly less gold, but there is something about the structure of the eerily familiar building.

Many of the churches in Montreal will give you the misconception of being somewhere in Europe, maybe even in Munich!

Lanaudière Christmas Market - Munich Christmas Market at Marienplatz

Lanaudière Christmas Market is not just one basic Christmas Market but a circuit that is made up of three-holiday villages.
Munich’s Christmas market at Marienplatz is one of the most visited Christmas markets in the world and if you can’t make it to Munich, Lanaudière is a good option to check out. The best part? It's in driving distance from Montreal.

This must-experience Christmas festivity will allow guests to escape Montreal and enter somewhere between The North Pole and Munich’s Christmas market at Marienplatz.

Read our article about it here!

Bibliothèque Marc Favreau - Juristiche Bibliotek

Juristiche Bibliotek is by far one of the most photographed spots in all of Munich. The library has a lot of similarities to the Bibliotèque Marc Favreau in Montreal’s Rosemont.

The clean and comfortable space is combined with an old-world charm that you would likely find in Europe.

There is even a fantastic reading room that is equipped with wraparound floor to ceiling windows and a fireplace, making this picture-perfect Munichlike local spot.

Visit the library's Facebook page

Jean-Talon Market - Vikitualienmarkt

The well-known Vikitualienmark is a food market at the heart of Munich, very much like the Jean-Talon Market here in Montreal. Both markets sell fresh produce, spices, meats, teas and are both decorated with bouquets of flowers for sale.

The Jean-Talon Market is one of my personal favourite places on the island and throughout the wintertime, it will give you the sensation of shopping at Vikitualienmark, all the way in Munich.

Marché De Noël De Baie-Saint-Paul -Christmas Village In The Kaiserhof Of The Residenz

Located at the heart of Charlevoix, Baie-Saint Paul is an idyllic city just 4 hours away from Montreal. Throughout the season of giving, this small and artistic location hosts a Christmas market that will blow your mind.

Marché de Noël de Baie-Saint-Paul truly outdoes themselves with their European style Christmas market that you will think that you are roaming through Christmas Village in the Kaiserhof of the Residenz!

So, if Munich for the holidays is out of the question, why not check out Marché de Noël de Baie-Saint-Paul? It's closer to home and just as impressive!

Read more about it here

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