You Can Grab A Drink & Spend The Night At Quebec's Famous Ice Hotel And Bar

There's even a spa!
Quebec City Ice Hotel & Bar Opens This Week

If you thought the only thing made of ice was your ex’s heart, you were mistaken. We may complain about the cold and the ice during the winter but Valcartier has managed to find a way to make the winter the most fabulous time of the year. Less than 3 hours from Montreal is an ice paradise that will have you falling in love with the cold and everything that comes with it. This year, the Valcartier Ice Hotel outside Quebec City is celebrating its 20th year with even more to see and do!

This is the only hotel of its kind in North America. Every year, it changes its theme to continuously impress locals and tourists with its grand splendour, according to its website.

Artists embellish the ephemeral castle with ice sculptures designed to leave an impression upon your entrance and enchant you during your stay.

The chapel is perhaps the hotel's main attraction. Its chambers and ceiling evoke the magic of a Disney fairytale.

For those looking for a bit of warmth in this ice paradise, you can end your adventure with a strong cocktail served to you in an ice glass. 

Guests can pick from a selection of visit packages, which will cost you between $18 and $99 depending on what exactly you are expecting from this experience.

Some packages include cocktails and spa treatments while others consist of tours and winter playgrounds. 

Visitors can spend the night in a traditional hotel or in the campground. 

But those feeling extra adventurous can, in fact, spend the night in a hotel made entirely of ice with packages starting at $399.

Each beautifully sculpted room has comfortable artic sleeping bags for a nighttime experience like no other.

However, no visit is complete without a tour of this ice haven, during which you can pretend you're roaming the halls of Elsa's ice palace in Frozen.

The Grand Opening Night of the Ice Hotel is on Friday, January 17, 2020. Fireworks, circus performances, and DJs will ring in the hotel's 20th season in operation.

The Hotel is open for visits starting December 24!

Overnight stays, however, begin on January 2 and continue through March 31, 2020.

The adjacent winter playground has plenty of opportunity for even more frozen fun.

The park features 35 snow slides open day and night, in addition to an illuminated "skateway."

"Have a great time snow rafting, sliding down the steep Himalaya at top speed and experiencing the Tornado, a one-of-a-kind slide unique to Village Vacances Valcartier."

The reality is that we live in Canada, which means the cold is inevitable. Instead of avoiding it, why not go all in and explore a world made out of ice?

Valcartier Ice Hotel & Spa

Where: 1860 Boulevard Valcartier


Visits: December 24, 2019 – March 29, 2020

Overnight stays: January 2 – March 21, 2020

Grand opening party: January 17


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