Quebec Has Over 11,000 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 But "Better Days Are Coming"

"Quebec will emerge stronger and more united than ever," said Legault.
Quebec Has Over 11,000 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 But "Better Days Are Coming"
  • The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec has increased again today.
  • Another 25 deaths were also recorded, bringing the total 241.
  • Despite this sombre news, Premier François Legault had encouraging words for those of us in La Belle Province.

At the daily press briefing, the Quebec Government announced yet another increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. As of Friday, the province has 11,677 cases - an increase of 765 over the last 24 hours. Another 25 deaths were recorded, for a total of 241. 

733 people are now hospitalized, an increase of 54. However, the good news is that the number of intensive care patients decreased by 10, for a total of 146. 

Premier François Legault said it's encouraging that the number of hospitalizations is looking to be stabilizing and that the decrease in intensive care patients is a very good sign. 

Since the province is in for another few weeks of self-isolation, the Premier again reiterated that the public needs to remain safe and responsible in order to maintain the stability the government sees in the statistics. He reassured the public that "better days are coming." 

The government outlined that the new doctors and medical staff at CHSLDs will be properly trained and guarantees that they'll follow the established regulations. 

On Thursday, Legault said people over 60 years old, mostly living with chronic illnesses, makeup 99% of COVID-19 deaths in Quebec.

"We're approaching the peak, but we still need to be vigilant," stressed Legault.

"In the next few weeks, we'll continue to fight. I remain convinced that we'll win this battle," said Legault. 

"When we, the 8 million Quebecers, band together, there's nothing that can stop us." 

Legault also mentioned that slowly but surely, everything will go back to normal despite the health crisis. He's convinced that Quebec will come out of this more "prosperous, proud, and united." 

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"Better days are coming," he reassured Quebecers. 

Despite a tough road ahead, the Premier is proud of all the work Quebecers have done to protect themselves and the most vulnerable people. 

"Quebec will emerge stronger and more united than ever," said Legault. 

Though he didn't exclude the possibility of reopening schools on May 4, Legault stressed that the government will follow the situation closely in the next few weeks. 

Stay tuned for more updates.