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Quebec Had The Biggest Increase In Healthcare Spending Per Person In All Of Canada In 2019

The province still pays one of the lowest prices per person, however.
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Quebec Had The Biggest Increase In Healthcare Spending Per Person In All Of Canada In 2019

According to data released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), the province of Quebec has seen the biggest per capita increase in healthcare spending in 2019. 

Total health spending per person is expected to have reached $6,935 in Quebec this year, which is up 5.5% per capita from last year. This is the largest increase in any province. The Territory of Nunavut, however, still spends the most and has seen the biggest increases in the country. 

In the provinces, Quebec still has the lowest healthcare spending per person despite the huge increases that are projected this year. Newfoundland and Alberta are the highest spenders per person, at $8,190 and $7,658 respectively. It's a different story in the Northern Territories. In Nunavut, per-person spending in 2019 is projected to reach $19,061 and in the Northwest Territories, $17,475. 

The national average for health spending is projected to be $7,068 in 2019. The country overall has seen a $201 increase since 2018. In total, healthcare spending in Canada will reach a total of $264.4 billion overall in 2019 - a growth of 3.9%. 

Canadians spend most of their money on hospital visits. Where we've seen the largest growth is in physician spending, at 3.5% which has vastly outpaced the growth of hospitals and drug spending.

Naturally, health spending increases with age. According to the CIHI, "from 2007 to 2017, the share of health expenditure spent on Canadians age 65 and older dropped slightly from 44.4% to 44.2%. At the same time, the percentage of seniors in the population grew from 13.4% to 16.8%."

On average, people are projected to spend $1,880 per person on hospital visits, $1,078 per person on drugs, and $1,064 per person on physicians in 2019. 

According to the statistics, private versus public healthcare spending has remained stable since the early 2000s. The public sector share of healthcare spending remains at around 70% of the market. 

Though Canada is above average in terms of healthcare spending across the globe, the United States remains the highest spending per person at $13,722.

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Keep in mind that bigger increases in spending mean higher revenues, a stronger economy, and can potentially increase the government budget for healthcare spending. 

In Ontario, they spend $6,953 per person which represents a 2.6% increase. In British Columbia, $6,548 per person, a 3.4% increase. 

While an ageing population might have a factor to play in these increases, Quebecers overall shouldn't see too much of a difference in their medical bills.

If you want to know more about healthcare spending in Canada, please visit the CIHI's official website

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