Quebec Is Rebuilding A Giant Raised Highway Through Montreal And They Have No Idea When It Will Be Completed

As if the year didn't already start off bad enough with winter storms and freezing temperatures, Montreal now has something else to look forward to that will contribute to city chaos and treacherous commutes.

In case you haven't heard, Quebec is planning to rebuild the Metropolitan Highway in Montreal. A job that will more than likely last throughout the next decade.

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TL;DR Quebec has decided to go forward with rebuilding the Metropolitan Highway through Montreal, a project that so far has no completion date. The new highway will also be elevated, which experts say is a mistake. The construction will alter commuting routes for residents for years to come.

According to the Minister of Transport, the new highway be almost exactly like the structure it will eventually replace. The expressway won't be at ground level either, but instead elevated for 6km with three lanes both ways.

Although the Ministry of Transport has stated that this isn't a complete rebuild, but instead a series of major repairs and reconstruction efforts along the route, provincial officials are already coordinating with the STM and the city of Montreal to address what are sure to be hectic commutes during construction, according to TVA

The multi-billion dollar project may sound beneficial in theory, but in reality it's going to be miserable to live in Montreal. The Ministry currently has no idea how long the construction is going to last, but this project will likely take close to a decade.

So, in case you weren't already aware, debilitating construction in Montreal is never going to end. On the bright side, concrete break-up and poor lighting will be among the first to be repaired.

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Experts have already chimed in on the upcoming project, which they believe is a huge mistake. Rather than rebuild the Metropolitan Highway exactly, researchers advise that rebuilding the highway at ground level and adding public transit would reinvigorate the surrounding neighbourhoods, according to TVA.

Either way, with no word on how long the project will last exactly, we can just assume the rest of our lifetime will be consumed by the construction.

Stay tuned for more information on the rebuilding of the Metropolitan Highway.


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