Quebec Man Wants To Sell A Chip With An Image Of Jesus For $1,234

Jesus Crisp!
Quebec Man Wants To Sell A Chip With An Image Of Jesus For $1,234

A Quebec man is attempting to sell a chip with a Jesus-like cutout on the Facebook marketplace for over a thousand dollars. The chip, which you can see below, has a hole in the middle of it that could be interpreted as Jesus spreading his arms.

The offer was posted to the Facebook Marketplace three days ago. 

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TL;DR A Quebec man is trying to sell a chip with a vaguely Jesus-shaped cutout on it for $1,234 on Facebook's Marketplace.

The seller, Jonathan Laniel-Duchesne, posted this image of the chip to the marketplace:

Via Jonathan Laniel-Duchesne

The man's description for the chip is as follows: "Jesus "Ruffles" chip. I'm selling my chip that looks like Jesus. Perfect gift for your grandma at Easter. Who will be the lucky buyer?"

Laniel-Duchesne is asking buyers for $1,234. This might seem like a lot for a chip that looks like an acorn as much as it looks like Jesus. 

Via ID 27025845 © Nevodka | & Photo 107581421 © Oguz Eren -

Other things that this chip looks like:

  • A cross
  • A spintop/dreidel 
  • A broken sword

We spoke to the seller, and he told us that his best offer so far is of $15.

In the words of the seller, "À qui la chance?" For a little over $15, you could own this one-of-a-kind marvel. 

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