Quebec Man's Vape Explodes In His Partner's Lap While He's Driving

His car quickly filled with smoke
Quebec Man's Vape Explodes In His Partner's Lap While He's Driving

Sylvain Gagné sent out a warning to other vapers on Saturday after the battery of his vape exploded in his car. He posted photos of the exploded vape along with the details of what happened. The post has since been shared over 1.4K at time of writing.

The Jonquière man explained that thanks to his partner's quick thinking they avoided injuries. 

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TL;DR A Quebec man had quite a surprise on Saturday morning when the battery of his vape, which was in a bag being held by his partner, exploded in his car. Luckily, the pair was not injured.

Sylvain Gagneé, a tattoo artist, posted a warning to Facebook on Saturday.

Gagné explains that he was driving with his girlfriend in the passenger seat on Saturday morning. Moments after leaving the house, the battery of his vape pen, which was in a bag on his girlfriend's lap, exploded. He does not mention what brand his vape was, and it is impossible to speculate based on the photos.

Gagné details that the car quickly filled with smoke. Luckily, he and his partner rapidly threw the bag out of the car. The bag then immediately caught fire.

You can see the widespread damage that the explosion caused in the photos the he shared.

The tattoo artist goes on to speculate about what might have happened if the pen had exploded at home in the middle of the night. All in all, the pair luckily escaped unscathed.

This is not the first time that a vape explosion has made the news. Two months ago, a vape pen was the cause of a fatal accident in Texas.


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