Quebec Students Are Planning A Strike Next Month

Here are their demands.
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Quebec Students Are Planning A Strike Next Month

The threat of student protests in Quebec is enough to elicit a shudder down the backs of politicians across the country. The student strikes of 2012 were the subject of international news and, after more than one hundred days, led to (at least) some concessions by the provincial government.

Students in this province have proved that they have remarkable organizing power and can bring cities to a grinding halt until officials agree to listen to their demands.

So the latest proposed strike is likely to attract immediate national attention and skepticism from the government officials.

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TL;DR Quebec students are organizing a first strike on March 15th to pressure the government to adopt more comprehensive environmental policy.

According to Le Devoir, students across Quebec are preparing to go on strike in March to pressure the government to adopt more ambitious and comprehensive climate policy.

The group behind the proposed strike,La planète s'invite à l'université, has released a document outlining the motivations behind the strike.

Among them is the provincial government's continued investment in fossil fuels. While the document does not mention the CAQ by name, students and opposition parties have previously expressed concern about the majority party's environmental platform, which was perhaps the least extensive of the four parties that garnered the most votes in the last provincial election.

The document also outlines three demands: for governments to mandate educational programs relating to the current environmental crisis; the elimination of carbon emissions by 2050; and for institutions of learning to be more transparent about their investments in the fossil fuel industry.

Right now, two strike are planned, one on March 15th and the other on September 27th, 2019. 

This would be the first strike for the environment in Quebec, says Le Devoir. If organizers are successful in their aim to galvanize students across Quebec and, in particular, Montreal, this could prove a major event.

Individuals representing La planète s'invite à l'université hope these strikes will mark the beginning of a larger effort to exercise student power for the environment.

Stay tuned.

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