Quebec Taxis End Strike After Driver Self-Harms On Live T.V.

Taxi associations have suspended all strikes in Quebec.
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Quebec Taxis End Strike After Driver Self-Harms On Live T.V.

After a horrible incident during a live studio interview on LCN, the Quebec taxi coalition has ended all strikes across the province this morning.

During a live television interview, an anonymous taxi driver took out a knife and cut his wrists after criticizing Francois Legault's Bill 17. 

According to CTV Montreal, the man looked into the camera and said "Legault, he has no heart and he took my heart," then stood up and self-harmed while the cameras were rolling. Camera technicians were quick to cut away before anything too gruesome was shown. 

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TL;DR  A Quebec taxi driver self-harmed on live television, prompting Quebec's taxi authorities to end all strikes across the province today. This dramatic incident comes after the CAQ's much-criticized Bill 17, which aims to deregulate the taxi industry, forced taxi drivers across the province to go on a week-long strike. 

For anyone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call the Quebec Association for the Prevention of Suicide at 1-866-277-3553.

Spokesperson Felix Tremblay says that the objective of their decision to end the strikes today is to "protect owners and taxi drivers who are experiencing psychological distress".

Until further notice, all striking across the province will end today, pending evaluation. 

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Today, taxi drivers were expected to stage yet another demonstration by offering free rides to all customers.

This protest was to show the provincial government how much profit they would lose without taxi fares. 

No word on the health of the man who self-harmed live on LCN, but reports indicate that he is stable and is being closely monitored. 

The Quebec taxi coalition has made it clear to drivers that they can reach out to them if they are struggling with suicidal thoughts following a difficult week. The CAQ government has not commented on the incident. 


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