Quebec Will Reopen 3 Types Of Businesses Over The Course Of May

Social distancing will continue.
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Quebec Will Reopen 3 Types Of Businesses Over The Course Of May

The government will gradually reopen three types of Quebec businesses over the course of May. Gradually restarting the economy and evaluating its effects will be the focus of the coming weeks, said Legault. The three industries that will reopen are: retail (not including shopping malls), civil construction companies, and manufacturing. 

While shopping malls will remain closed, stores with their own entrances from the outside will be allowed to open.

"In the short term, we don't want to reopen the shopping centres and then have the risk of having gatherings in the shopping centres," he said at Tuesday's press update

Stores will begin to reopen on May 4, except in the Montreal metropolitan area (CMM), where they will begin to open on May 11.

Civil construction companies will be able to resume operations as of May 11 across the province. All roadwork and infrastructure projects are set to resume, said Legault.

Manufacturing industries are also back in business on May 11. Employees will need to follow strict social distancing rules in factories and job sites.

The public health directive for individuals to remain six feet apart will persist.

The government, in collaboration with the CNESST and workers' unions, decided that a progressive reopening of the economy was the best course of action moving forward.

On March 23, the government announced that all non-essential businesses must close until April 13. That directive was extended until May. 

Legault said that the gradual reopening through May for these three sectors will allow public health officials to continuously monitor the situation and its impact on the population.

Pierre Fitzgibbon, the Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, said that the government "would not hesitate" to close businesses again if there is evidence of another outbreak.

Legault stressed that public health is of absolute importance and that this shouldn't be treated as an invitation to resume life as it was before the pandemic.

To even consider returning to normal, the public must be vigilant. "You have to act like, basically, if everyone you meet has the virus," said Legault.

"So be careful. That way, we will be able to gradually get back to a normal life."

The Quebec government will release more details about the gradual reopening of the economy over the next few days.

Schools will also gradually reopen in May, with elementary schools and daycare centres welcoming children beginning May 19 in the CMM and May 11 in the rest of Quebec.

Universities, high schools, and cégeps won't reopen until the fall semester.

As of April 28, there are 25,757 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quebec.

Stay tuned for more news.

Teddy Elliot
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