Quebec's Futuristic New School Designs Mandate That They All Use Fleurdelisé Blue (Video)

Premier François Legault and the Education Minister unveiled their new vision.
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Quebec's Futuristic New School Designs Mandate That They All Use Fleurdelisé Blue (Video)
  • The government has unveiled new Quebec school designs.
  • Renderings that show the new architectural guidelines promise some pretty futuristic and forward-looking structures.
  • The guide also mandates that schools include accents in Quebec flag blue.

The future decorations and teaching methods of new Quebec schools were unveiled today by Premier François Legault and Education Minister Jean-François Roberge. Their vision outlines the renovation, expansion, and construction of all new and current Quebec primary and secondary schools in 2020. The schools will bring a new "architectural identity" to education that will highlight made-in-Quebec materials and the colour blue, inspired by the provincial flag. 

Built with community integration and environmental sustainability in mind, the new schools will aim to inspire and amaze both students and staff.

An investment of $4-billion will go towards renovation projects across hundreds of Quebec schools. Another 128 projects will also benefit from this funding. 

"A little over a year ago, I promised Quebecers that I would offer them schools of which they could be proud. What we need is a new generation of schools for our students," said Premier Legault.

"By unveiling this new vision and providing the school network with the means to deploy it, we are starting a new chapter to offer them the best possible environment."

Minister Roberge echoed the Premier's sentiments, adding that "we are officially launching what will be, I believe, one of the most important projects of the next decade. The students and school staff of today and tomorrow deserve schools that will make them proud." 

Some key features of all newly designed Quebec primary and secondary schools will be exposed wood and aluminum accents, large open-concept atriums, and fleurdelisé blue. 

The Education Ministry hopes that the schools will be "unique and identifiable" and will promote socialization and "a sense of belonging" for all students and teachers. 

[rebelmouse-image 26886627 photo_credit="Ministre de l'\u00e9ducation Quebec" expand=1 original_size="467x550"] Ministre de l'éducation Quebec

Minister Roberge asserted that all Quebec schools "must be inspiring. For too long, they have been talked about for the wrong reasons. Those days will soon be over with the new generation of schools we are announcing today." 

[rebelmouse-image 26886628 photo_credit="Ministre de l'\u00e9ducation Quebec" expand=1 original_size="476x367"] Ministre de l'éducation Quebec

Projects to upgrade existing schools will begin in 2020 along with plans to build new schools across the province.

The Education Ministry plans to add more than 1,000 new classes to preschool and elementary schools and more than 20,000 new seats to secondary schools. 

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The new school curriculum will factor in the province's new teaching methods. There's no word on what will be featured in the new program as of yet. 

The Education Ministry will consult with municipalities across Quebec to evaluate each one's unique needs and requirements. 

[rebelmouse-image 26886629 photo_credit="Ministre de l'\u00e9ducation Quebec" expand=1 original_size="466x551"] Ministre de l'éducation Quebec

Some other features include:

  • Large collaborative spaces

  • Scalable educational spaces that can host functions and adapt to needs. 

  • Schools that will open and accessible to the community;

  • New green spaces with plants, trees, and parks. 

Quebec primary and secondary students will start to see changes to their schools as early as this year! 

For more information about the new vision for Quebec schools, visit the Education Ministry's official website

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