Quebec's Minister of Energy Finally Confirms That Quebecers Will Be Reimbursed For Hydro Surcharges

The Minister of Energy stated that the status quo is not acceptable
Quebec's Minister of Energy Finally Confirms That Quebecers Will Be Reimbursed For Hydro Surcharges

François Legault, Quebec's PM, has been in hot water this week because of growing discontent over hydro surcharges. This news came after a report that Hydro's president gets huge bonuses every year.

A survey came out this week which showed that an overwhelming majority of Quebecers believe they should be reimbursed by Hydro for the overcharges.

Legault was initially resistant to this idea. But today, his government changed their position and stated that clients in the future will be reimbursed in full for surcharges.

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TL;DR Quebec's Minister of Energy confirmed in a press conference today that consumers will be reimbursed for surcharges by Hydro Quebec in the future. Whether or not consumers will be reimbursed for last year's surcharges is unclear.

A survey by Leger showed that 92% of Quebecers believe that they should be reimbursed for Hydro-Quebec surcharges.

Legault had remained relatively mum on the subject and was not of the opinion that citizens should be reimbursed in full.

Up until now, plans were in place to reimburse clients for about half of what they were surcharged, thanks to a complicated formula.

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Today, the Minister of Energy, Jonathan Julien, confirmed that clients will be paid back in full for future overcharges.

Julien stated today in a press conference, "We have heard Quebecers. The status quo is unacceptable. 100% of overpayments will be paid back in the future."

The CAQ has calculated that, between 2008 and 2016, clients were charged about $350 too much per client, amounting to a total of $1.5B.

Legault is not prepared to reimburse the total amount that clients have accumulated in surcharges in the past, as he claims that the previous Liberal government is to blame for this.

However, starting next year, clients may be getting some of their money back.


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