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Museums & Drive-In Theatres Can Finally Reopen Across Quebec This Month

Library counters will also open as of May 29.
Quebec's Museums & Drive-In Theatres Are Reopening This Month

At Friday's COVID-19 press update, Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault, accompanied by Culture Minister Nathalie Roy, announced a series of gradual reopenings in Quebec. Museums, libraries, and drive-in theatres across the province will be allowed to reopen as of Friday, May 29. The announcement is good news for people working in these cultural institutions, said Guilbault. 

"Our four largest provincial museums, 96 museum institutions, 16 scientific museums and the entirety of Quebec's public libraries, as well as all drive-in theatres, can resume their activities," Roy detailed.

The Culture Minister emphasized that these institutions can reopen "at their own rhythm," meaning a gradual resumption of these services. 

In libraries, the only service that will be available is borrowing books and documents, said Roy. Until further notice, no one will be allowed in the library unless authorized or to pick up a book at a designated service counter. 

The Minister further explained that drive-in theatres' playgrounds will remain closed and that their restaurants can only offer take-out service until further notice. 

Social distancing measures will be enforced in all cultural institutions. 

Roy also announced that as of June 1, music recording studios and playrooms can reopen without audiences.

In all cases, artists must maintain a two-meter distance between each other.

Once again, Roy explained that workers in these industries will receive specific operating guidelines to ensure a safe and secure reopening.

"I know that other cultural sectors are excited to reopen and I hear you," said Roy. "We're waiting for the green light from the authorities."

“Culture is a priority for our government. It represents an important economic sector, in addition to contributing to the personal development and enrichment of the knowledge of all Quebecers," Labour Minister Jean Boulet said in a statement.

"I am convinced that the guide and the tools published by the CNESST will make museums and libraries safe, both for workers and for the people who visit them."

Roy added that the pandemic has "demonstrated how essential" cultural activities are for the "life and development" of the province.

"The reopening of these institutions can only be beneficial to the morale and well-being of citizens who will be able to enrich themselves intellectually and have fun in safe cultural places despite these difficult times," she said.

Stay tuned for more news.

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