Quebec's National Parks Are Going To Gradually Reopen

Sépaq parks will begin to reopen on May 20.
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Quebec's National Parks Are Going To Partially Reopen

Beginning May 20, 2020, Quebec's national parks are going to gradually reopen. The Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq) will proceed with the gradual resumption of hiking, biking, and day fishing activities. Everyone that visits the parks will need to respect strict public health guidelines. 

"Our teams have placed security at the heart of their plan to gradually reopen, both for employees and customers," said Sépaq President and CEO, Jacques Caron, in a statement.

"We have opted for a prudent and rigorous approach which will allow us to reconnect with nature and its many benefits, without neglecting the precautions to be taken in the current context."

Only hiking, biking, and daytime activities will be open for the time being. Camping and other park activities will resume pending a public health review of the situation. 

22 of Quebec's national parks, including Mont-Tremblant and Oka, are set to reopen with a limited scale of activities. For many parks, day fishing activities will only resume in June. 

Solo and non-contact sporting activities will also be reopened to the public on May 20.

Cycling, rock climbing, running, rowing, kayaking, kite surfing, paddleboarding, roller skating, horse riding, tennis, golf, are just some of the activities that Junior Minister for Education, Isabelle Charest, said will be allowed to resume throughout the province, including the Montreal metropolitan area.

Team activities and professional sports games are still postponed or cancelled for the time being.

"This announcement will delight many, but I am fully aware that others will be disappointed to know that they will still have to wait before they can practice their favorite activity again," said Charest.

"Each region of Quebec, as we know, has extraordinary places to practice outdoor activities, so do not hesitate to think outside the box, maybe try new activities, but also, perhaps, discover hidden beauties of your own region while respecting, of course, the public health guidelines," she concluded.

She stressed, however, that the reopening of parks and resumption of some sports are not excuses for gatherings or non-essential travel between regions, which is still discouraged despite the withdrawal of some police road checkpoints.

Stay tuned for more news.

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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