Rainbows Are Appearing Everywhere In Montreal & Even The Airport Is Decked Out (Photos)

Legault also shared a little rainbow.
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Rainbow Drawings Are Appearing Everywhere In Montreal & Even The Airport Is Decked Out
  • As measures to contain the coronavirus become more severe, rainbow drawings are popping up more and more in Montreal's residential windows.
  • The message even earned a share from Premier Legault and a place on the façade of the airport.

Rainbows are all over Quebec. Under the hashtag #arcenciel residents of the province are sharing photos of the rainbow drawings in their windows — symbols of hope and solidarity with their neighbours. The trend began in Italy but has taken on a new meaning in Quebec, where they often accompany the message #cavabienaller, "it's going to be okay."

What started with a few children's sketches has become a popular mantra in Montreal as social distancing becomes more severe.

The rainbow and #cavabienaller slogan even earned a share from Premier François Legault and, most recently, a place on the façade of the Montreal-Trudeau Airport in a spot usually reserved for holiday decorations.

More and more rainbow drawings are popping up all over Montreal, from children and adults, alike.

It's unlikely that the rainbows will be disappearing anytime soon, either.

With a complete ban on public gatherings and the closure of all non-essential businesses, Montreal is hunkering down for an extended period of quarantine.

The hashtag and emoji from Legault are just one of the ways the Premier has shown a softer side during the crisis.

For neighbours out on walks, the rainbows are meant to serve as a little spotting game and a signal that building residents are healthy and safe.

From Lachine and Verdun to the Mile End and Rosemont, the rainbows have gained a foothold in the metropolis.

Quebecers are getting increasingly creative, as well. 

The rainbows have taken the form of balloon arcs, murals, and even dioramas.

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Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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