The Champlain Bridge Spread Positivity With Its Rainbow Lights Last Night
  • Locals have been putting up rainbows all over Montreal as a way of illustrating hope during this difficult time.
  • The Champlain Bridge jumped on this trend and turned its many light fixtures into the colours of the rainbow on the evening of March 29.
  • See photos below!

Montrealers are truly doing their part to add a bit of colour to these grim, uncertain times. From locals who are stepping up and going above and beyond throughout this time to rainbows showing up in Montreal windows, the positivity that has been spreading throughout the city is inspiring hope for individuals. And now, Montreal has taken it a step further by lighting the Champlain Bridge in a rainbow-inspired manner on the night of March 29, which was truly breathtaking. 

The bridge, which was completed not too long ago, has been in the works for quite some time and although this is not how we all thought we would be going through, it is nice to see that we are all in this together. 

The Champlain Bridge has light fixtures under it and can be programmed to display different colours, which is always a lovely sight for our city to see.

Since the new bridge has opened, we have seen a beautiful variety of colours shine off of it, but nothing comes close to the powerful message of this rainbow display. 

According to the BBC, these rainbows are meant to make neighbourhoods feel connected and bring people together (while social distancing) during this confusing time.

It was truly a sight to see.

While on their daily strolls during social distancing, these rainbows have created a sense of community, which we all need right now. 

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What is even more moving is that most of these rainbow images are paired with the phrase "ça va bien aller," which translates to "it will all be okay."

The reality is that, eventually, it will all be okay. 

But, as a community, we must continue to follow the guidelines and stay strong in the face of this pandemic.

We Montrealers are strong, fierce, and fearless. And together, we will get through it all, which is why I do truly believe that "ça va bien aller."

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