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Montreal Was Ranked The Second Most Walkable Canadian City, Just After Vancouver

Is there really any point in owning a car in the city?
Montreal Was Ranked The Second Most Walkable Canadian City, Just After Vancouver
  • In a recent ranking released by Redfin, Montreal was voted the second most walkable Canadian city.
  • We only fell one place short behind Vancouver.
  • Read more about this ranking below!

Montreal, it's time to get your walking shoes on because we have been voted the second most walkable city in all of Canada. We may not believe it at the moment since snow removal has been taking longer than usual in our city during the last week or so, but others seem to think it's true. This ranking was released by Redfin, a company that looks at the walkability of international cities, addresses, and neighbourhoods.

Two of the other big Canadian cities that we know and love so well, Vancouver (1) and Toronto (3), also made the Top 3. And, as one of the more unexpected answers: Longueuil came in the fifth... It seems my two feet don't venture out to Longueuil as often as they should.

One specification for this ranking was that all cities that were considered had to have a population of over 200,000, which seems like a tiny number in comparison to Montreal's (approximate) 1.78 million inhabitants.

Vancouver, aka the most walkable city in Canada according to Redfin, was given a solid 79.8 on the Walk Score ranking, with Montreal trickling behind it with a 65.4.

And now you're probably thinking: okay, but what do these numbers even mean?

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Luckily for us, Redfin clarifies that. "Cities where daily errands do not require a car score 90 points and above, a score of 70 to 89 points means most errands can be accomplished on foot and a score of 50 to 69 indicates that some errands can be completed on foot."

So, the reason Vancouver got such a high Walk Score is that the majority of its new developments are located near some form of transit. And, city officials hold a high focus on providing citizens with ways to get around that don't encourage the use of cars.

Now, when we consider Montreal, we can say many of the same things that were said about Vancouver.

We know that our city prides itself on its many bike paths. Beyond that, the City of Montreal has also put measures in place to ensure that streets are safe for pedestrians. And, with all the upcoming metro line extensions, I'd say we're likely to see our city's Walk Score be going up a few points in the near future!

While yes, we all have a thing or two to say about making our way through Montreal roads — but I think it's safe to say we're blessed to live in a city that makes it simple to get places on our own two feet.

Keep on walking, Montreal!

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