Release Of "Hazardous Material" Forces Evacuation Of Berri-UQAM And Shuts Down The Montreal Metro

In the last hour, sections of three lines of the Montreal metro were shut down because of an "intervention by emergency services" at Berri-UQAM station, which was subsequently evacuated according to the STM and CJAD.

News outlets are reporting that the reason for the intervention was the release of a "hazardous material" at the central station. CJAD suspects this could have been a "pepper spray incident."

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TLDR: The release of a hazardous material, like a gas or pepper spray, at Berri-UQAM station led to the partial shutdown of three Montreal metro lines in the last hour.

Parts of green, orange and yellow metro lines are out of service. Berri-UQAM station evacuated because of some sort of gas or pepper spray incident.

March 26, 2019

As of 1:55 PM, service on all three lines is resuming.


The Green line was shut down between Lionel-Groulx and Pie-IX. The Orange line was shut down between Bonaventure and Beaubien. The entire Yellow line was not operational.

[End of disruption] 🚇✅ : Service gradually resuming on the Orange, Yellow and Green lines.

March 26, 2019

As a point of exchange for all three lines, Berri-UQAM station is a critical node of the Montreal metro network. Any incident at the station impacts huge swaths of the system.

There are so far few details about the circumstances of the release of pepper spray or hazardous gas. 

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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