Driver Injured With Gunshot Wound After Road Rage Incident On Montreal Autoroute 40

Traffic cam footage showed heavy traffic as a result of police intervention.
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Road Rage Incident On Montreal Autoroute 40 Leaves 1 Injured With Gunshot Wound

At around 2 p.m. this afternoon, a man was injured by gunfire on Highway 40 Est in Saint-Léonard, Montreal. Montreal police say that the apparent road-rage incident occurred near boulevard Langelier. The SPVM assures that the man is not seriously injured and has been transported to a nearby hospital. According to CBC News, there is no description of the suspect at this time. Apparently, a car pulled up beside the victim's van and fired a gun at him. The victim sustained upper-body injuries.

According to reports, a section of Highway 40's service road is closed as Montreal police are on scene investigating. The closure extends between boulevards Lacordaire and Langelier and Highway 40's Langelier exit is closed.

UPDATE: The exit has reopened and congestion has reduced.

Traffic is at an apparent standstill in parts of Highway 15 Ouest to Langelier. Commuters are warned that delays are to be expected until the police finish their investigation.

Reports indicate that one shot was fired in this apparent road-rage incident. Montreal police have no details about the suspect. 

Translation:The service road is closed between Lacordaire and Langelier following a case of road rage that ended with at least one shot and a motorist injured. @SPVM is investigating.

Traffic is affected across the area. If you're driving to the neighbourhood, be advised that traffic is at a crawl. 

Translation: Followed : #A40 east (Metropolitan), exit Boulevard Langelier. Exit blocked for a police investigation. VC and VD of the service road blocked for the same reason // Fully closed service lane.

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Police have no one in custody at the moment. 

Translation: Extreme road rage in Montreal: The driver of a delivery truck was reportedly shot by firearm projectiles fired by the occupant of another vehicle in the area of Autoroute 40 / boul. Langelier. Significant congestion in the area. Investigation in progress.

Traffic camera footage of the highway indeed showed heavy congestion as a result of the police intervention.

[rebelmouse-image 26888073 photo_credit="Qu\u00e9bec 511" expand=1 original_size="366x280"] Québec 511

Below is the blocked exit.

[rebelmouse-image 26888074 photo_credit="Qu\u00e9bec 511" expand=1 original_size="366x281"] Québec 511

MTL Blog will update this story as more details become available. 

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