You Can Fly To Orlando, Florida Round-Trip For $38 This Winter

You just need to drive 2 hours to Burlington, Vermont to hop on the plane!
You Can Fly To Orlando, Florida Round-Trip For $38 This Winter
  • If you've been searching where to fly to next, look no further because Alexi's Flights has informed us that you can now fly to Florida for as little as $38!
  • But you'll need to act fast because the deal ends tonight!
  • Find out all the info about these cheap flights to Orlando below.

You have started to notice that winter is approaching and you clearly do not want to face this season. You're currently hesitating between hibernating or running away, and I understand you. So, you either want to sleep for 6 months or figure out where you're going to fly to next.

Florida is definitely a dream destination when hibernation is not your thing. It's so pleasant with a winter season whose temperature is always around 20 C, which is very tempting. This state offers both parties and relaxation. For the more courageous and patient, it's relatively easy to get there by car (between 20 and 30 hours depending on your destination in Florida). Otherwise, taking a plane is the best option if you're just looking to chill for a couple of days.

And as it happens, this is the perfect time to discuss flights to Florida, because the Alexi's Flights website tells us that an airline is offering flights there for as little as $38. Yes, yes — you read correctly! This means there's no need to save up money for months before you get a cheap getaway. It's now or never that you can take advantage of this deal. You have until tonight to book your flight otherwise — too bad!

Frontier Airlines is the airline offering this deal and it applies to flights from mid-November to early December. 

The flight departs from Burlington, an American city south of Montreal, just under 2 hours away, and arrives in Orlando, Florida. These are direct return flights that are offered at more than 90% off the regular price.

You must be asking: where's the catch? Well, there's none. You just have to know that there is no checked baggage allowed on the flight. But anyway, all you need is 2-3 bathing suits, some flip flops, and voila — you're ready for take-off!

Note that prices can change very quickly, but at the time of writing this article, there were still cheap flights available.

Screenshot | Google Flights

The flights at $38 apply for stays of only a few days, but if you prefer to go longer, there are other bargains for under $100 that may interest you. 

With these flights, you'll end up in Orlando, the third largest city in Florida. Here, you can enjoy Walt Disney World with its many theme parks including Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

Flights To Orlando From Burlington

Cost: Starting at $38.

When: From mid-November to early December if you buy your ticket before tomorrow.

Why you have to go: At such a low price, it would be crazy to refuse a hot weekend under the sun!

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