Samuel L. Jackson Is Coming To Montreal This Summer

He'll be in the city to film a movie in July.

Montreal is very popular as a movie shooting location. The city has often featured on the silver screen in movies, usually disguised as another city like New York.

Notable movies filmed in the city include X-Men, John Wick, Warm Bodies, The Notebook and many others. Thanks to its popularity as a movie shooting location, the city often hosts many stars over the summer.

This summer, Samuel L. Jackson will be hanging around the city. A new movie that he stars in is set to start shooting on July 16.

The movie is called Spinning Gold, and it will follow the life of Neil Bogart, an American record executive who mentored artists like Donna Summer, KISS, the Village People and Parliament.

Samuel L. Jackson stars in the movie as Parliament leader George Clinton. The movie features many other stars like Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Derulo and Kenan Thompson.

The whole star-studded cast will be in Montreal between July 16, when the movie is set to begin filming, until September 20, when the shooting is set to wrap.

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The movie hopes to have the same success as the biopics of other famous musicians like Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman.

The film is financed and produced by Bogart's son, who says that "the film will recapture the highs and lows, the extravagant parties and decadence," of his father's label Casablanca, according to Deadline.

The producer has also stated that he will not leave out the sex nor the drugs, striving to be honest about the decade without judging those who were present.

The movie will feature many iconic songs of the artists that Bogart had under his label, like Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Nite” and Village People’s “YMCA.” 

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Samuel L. Jackson and a host of other stars will be in Montreal this summer to film "Spinning Gold," a movie about Neil Bogart.

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