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SAQ Employees Are Getting A Huge Raise And People Are Seriously Angry

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SAQ Employees Are Getting A Huge Raise And People Are Seriously Angry

After many months of negotiations, and strikes popping up at many locations across Quebec, the SEMB-SAQ (Syndicat des employés de magasins et de bureau) seems to finally have come to an agreement. The strikes were the result of an impasse over contentious points of debate, such as weekend scheduling and part-time work. SEMB-SAQ president Katia Lelièvre said on Wednesday that workers are now satisfied with the new agreement.

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TL;DR SAQ employees are getting a wage increase to $20.46, and it's getting really mixed reactions

As of April 1, the minimum wage will be raised to $20.46, a raise of $1.33 from the current minimum starting hourly salary. After five years as a cashier/sales assistant the salary will go up to $23.22. After eight years, the salary will rise again to $26.46.

These changes will need to be ratified by SAQ employees before they can be put into place. The salary increases will be introduced gradually, over a period of six years. Overall, the wage increases will represent a rise of 13.45%. 

People on Facebook are having really mixed reactions to this news. Comments on the Journal de Montréal's Facebook page seem to be mostly negative. Many are angry that SAQ employees make more than they do, or more than other professions, such as nursing (nurses make an hourly average of $23.29). 

Others are comparing this salary to other, similar jobs. Many have brought up the point that cashiers in grocery stores, who do much of the same work, only earn about $12 an hours.

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Some are stating that the negative comments are made out of jealousy, saying that we should all accept our career choices, and the salaries that come with them.

The minimum wage salary is also going up, from $11.25 to $12 an hour, which is about a 6.5% increase. 

Do you think this increase is fair, or do you think SAQ employees are getting paid too much? 

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