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Montreal Has A Brand-New Dating App That Matches People Based On AI

Find your next relationship and end the swipe life.

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  • Say Allo launched earlier this month in Montreal and is the city’s newest smart dating app.
  • It separates itself from other dating apps by focusing exclusively on fostering long-term relationships.
  • Say Allo uses the latest AI technology in order to set you up with potential matches that suit your custom preferences.

You know how the story goes: you swipe, you chat, you meet up, one of you gets ghosted. Welcome to casual dating in the modern world, folks. However, if you’re tired of that cycle of perpetual meet 'n greets that seemingly go nowhere, we’ve got something new for you to try!

Say Allo, a Montreal-based dating app, surfaced on the Canadian market earlier this month after a successful 2018 launch in the USA. This dating-app newcomer focuses on actual relationship discovery: fostering connections between people that turn into long-lasting relationships — AKA helping you find real love, instead of a fling that lasts for a few weeks before slowly disappearing into the abyss. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, it’s okay.

Catering to singles in their late 20s to early 50s, Say Allo is intended to play cupid to those in want of a stable romantic partnership ⁠— those who are so very done with all of the erratic swiping that leads not to Prince or Princess Charming but rather, more often than not, to a swamp of frogs. Its aim is to create a network of people with valuable life experience who want to share that with someone who has similar values.

[rebelmouse-image 26887168 alt="01839-ALO" photo_credit="Hian Oliveira | Unsplash" expand=1 original_size="5944x3848"] Hian Oliveira | Unsplash

Sure, this all sounds nice in theory, but how do we know that Say Allo is actually going to perform differently than the cascade of dating (read: hookup) apps that came before it? As the product of a collaborative labour of love from Montreal-based developer Stephen Shaw and Toronto psychologist Dr. Brian Shaw, Say Allo is powered by an AI algorithm that continuously learns custom behaviours in order to provide users with accurate potential matches. 

“The application is constantly learning user preferences based on their activity inside the application, allowing for a more personalized experience and better profile suggestions,” says Shaw.

So, remember that time you went on a date with a guy who immediately gushed that he was super into EDM and you nearly cringed? Yeah, this app can detect mismatched characteristics beforehand so you can rest assured that kind of incident won't be repeated. Hallelujah!

[rebelmouse-image 26887169 alt="01839-ALO" photo_credit="Say Allo" expand=1 original_size="947x1686"] Say Allo

In short, the app’s cutting-edge technology maximizes the best results for each and every user. Say Allo’s AI capabilities and its continuously learning algorithm make use of things like face-mapping technology that allows the platform to learn individual user behaviours, interests, AND physical attraction. Gone are the days of being limited to filtering the masses of singles only by things like age or distance; consider this the next and (hopefully) final step in your mobile dating adventures. 

The app is completely FREE to download and sign up for —  and after all, if you’ve read this far, chances are it’s really truly time to meet someone new, wouldn’t you say? Download Say Allo for Apple and Android now; you never know who’s waiting on the other side of the screen!

[rebelmouse-image 26887170 alt="01839-ALO" photo_credit="Say Allo" expand=1 original_size="952x1693"] Say Allo

The Montreal Launch of Say Allo's Smart Dating App

Cost: Free

When: Right now

Where: Available online or for download through Apple and Android

Why you need to check it out: Because you're tired of meaningless swipes and you're looking to explore long-term connections and meaningful relationships!

Want to learn more about Say Allo? Check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more info.

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