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Secret Tips On How To Save Money At Starbucks, According To A Montreal Barista

We know all the secrets to saving big bucks on your drink of choice.

If you, like me, have a weak spot for Starbucks coffee, and #treatyourself to a $6 Frapp more often than you should, this article is for you.

I spoke to a Starbucks barista to learn about some of the ways people can save on their usual drink orders, and it's made me realize that I've been ordering wrong at Starbucks my entire life.

From swapping syrups to amazing custom drinks, the hacks I have learnt have changed my life forever.

Hack To Save On Frappuccinos

The S'mores Frappuccino is notoriously expensive: the frap is priced at $5.45 for a grande. But our local, friendly barista has a secret hack.

The s'mores frap is basically a vanilla frappuccino with graham crackers, some chocolate syrup and a marshmallow whipped cream.

Order the vanilla bean frap with marshmallow whipped cream instead and you'll get basically the same drink, but for about $3.95 for a grande instead.

Hack To Save On Iced Coffee

The iced lattes that become your new best friend in the summer are expensive. At Starbucks, a Grande iced latte with a pump of vanilla and a non-dairy milk can set you back over $6.

It doesn't have to be that expensive, says our barista. Switch out your iced latte order for an iced coffee instead. Because the iced coffee only comes with a splash of milk, you won't get charged if you switch to a non-dairy milk.

You also won't get charged for the vanilla syrup, because the iced coffee also includes a pump of regular syrup, which they'll switch for a vanilla-flavoured syrup at no extra cost. This iced coffee hack could save you almost $2.

Other Amazing Hacks To Try 

Want to turn your "pink drink" into a slushie? You actually much can: just ask your barista to put the drink in the blender with some ice for a frozen, slushie version of your favourite drink.

You can do this with all sorts of fan favourite drinks, like the Dragon Drink. You can do this at no extra charge.

A Barista's Favourite Drink Hacks

Another one of our barista's favourite drinks? They say that the strawberry frappuccino with lemonade is an amazing summer drink that few people order.

The barista also goes on to say that the "dirty chai" is a great fall drink — it's a chai latte with a shot of espresso, and it's delicious.

Hopefully these hacks will be useful to all of the iced coffee aficionados out there. Here's to saving money this summer!

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