Sépaq Campsites Are Filling Up Fast But You Can Still Find A Spot If You Get Creative

The park network has seen a huge influx of visitors on its website.
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Sépaq Campsites Are Filling Up Fast But You Can Still Find A Spot If You Get Creative

If you're looking to pitch a tent on a long weekend this summer, it's time to reserve your spot at your preferred Sépaq camping site before it's too late. Since the Quebec government announced that campsites across the province are open for business on Wednesday, the Sépaq website has seen a huge influx of visitors. The organization tells MTL Blog that in only 24 hours, "there's been some 90,000 visitors on sepaq.com" trying to reserve a campsite. 

"It's still possible to make a reservation," said Sépaq. "As always, the long weekends and the construction holiday are very popular and are among the first dates to get booked." 

The waiting times to reserve a campsite aren't as high as they were on Wednesday night and it's still easy to book a spot. At the time of writing, I was 21st in line and it took about a minute or so to access the booking site. 

Sépaq recommends that if you are flexible and you find that your preferred date and location are completely booked, it's likely that other campsites will be available. 

If you're looking for a new experience, "changing your destination or trying a new kind of accommodation might result in the best" getaway in nature" experience you've had" says Sépaq. 

On Thursday, the government outlined its rules for people travelling to campsites. Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, highlighted Montreal as an example. 

Public health doesn't recommend that any Montrealer conduct non-essential travel to the regions, but outlined a specific set of mandates to follow if Montrealers do go camping. 

"Montrealers who would like to go camping [...] for a few days in a campground near Montreal are asked to leave Montreal and do all the errands they have to do" in Montreal itself, said Proulx. 

Then, "[move] from point a to point b, [settle] in their camping unit, [stay] there," and, when they leave, return directly to their homes without stopping along the way.

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"Despite this recovery, it is still recommended to limit travel from one region to another. You must always encourage direct travel to your destination in order to limit contact," said Proulx.

Before the camping announcement, Quebec national parks reopened for hiking and fishing activities. 

For you chalet campers, the Minister underlined that only one family per dwelling is allowed.

She also clarified that no indoor gatherings are allowed on campsites, so don't go renting a chalet with your friends.

The camping announced followed a rush of reopening plans aimed at making this summer a bit more fun.

And even more announcements are on the way!

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