Sewage Leak Forces Closure At Oka Beach

That means that there will be no swimming.
Sewage Leak Forces Closure At Oka Beach

With the warm weather we've been having I don't blame you for daydreaming about a weekend spent at the beach. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for those of you who had hoped to spend some time at Oka beach: the beach is closed until further notice.

The beach was closed due to the "temporary dysfunction of the municipal sewage system." A press release was made to inform residents of the changes. It is not known when the beach will re-open.

The statement released states that the Minister of Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change in collaboration with Oka beach have closed the beach after discovering that the sewage system was working improperly.

In line with law 83, the beach has been closed and signage has been put up to warn potential beach-goers of the problem with the water.

For now, the Minister has warned that beachgoers should avoid swimming in the water until they have been once again given a green light. 

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While this revelation is gross, it's at least nice to know that the water quality really is constantly being monitored and that authorities are acting quickly in response.

The beach will re-open to the public when the problem with the sewage has been fixed, but there is no exact timeline on when that will be.

With a string of hot days predicted this week, this beach closure definitely comes at an inconvenient time.

For those of you who were looking to cool off at Oka, you're unfortunately going to have to find another spot to take a dip. Try one of these free swimming pools. Or maybe Verdun beach?

Oka beach has been closed until further notice due to a "temporary dysfunction of the municipal sewage system."

You can read the full press release here.

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