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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Spotted Getting Cozy At Popular Montreal Restaurant (Photo)

They are too cute 😍
Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Spotted Getting Cozy At Popular Montreal Restaurant (Photo)

As we informed y'all yesterday, Montreal was graced with the presence of Camila Cabello, as she was spotted hanging out a Paris Crepe.

The singer stopped to take a selfie with a fan, who then also shared that Cabello had taken the time to send a short and sweet little voicenote to the fan's friend on WhatsApp. Too cute. Listen to the voicenote here

Now, the Cuban-American songstress has been spotted again, and this time... she wasn't alone.

Of course, there's no question that Cabello is in Montreal because her handsome beau, Shawn Mendes, is playing two shows this week at the Centre Bell.

So it should also be of little surprise that the pair were finally spotted snuggling together, as they've been known to do as of late, but this time in a popular Montreal restaurant. Steamy.

Even more steamy? The person who snapped the pic below alleges that the two would not stop making out.

So who even needs an official announcement that they're together? As long as we keep getting cute pics like this I'm satisfied.

The two were spotted at Montreal restaurant Le Cartet, which you can see up on the wall behind where they are sitting.

The tweet above reads:

Breakfast in Montreal with Shawn Mendes and [Camila] Cabello they have not stopped [making out] but they are still even more friendly than Kaaris and they are less scary, too.

For those who didn't know (like me) Kaaris is a French rapper from Côte d'Ivoire. He's playing a show in Montreal at the end of this month.

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Le Cartet is on rue McGill between William and Wellington St. Yesterday, Cabello was spotted at Paris Crepe on Saint-Catherine at the corner of rue Crescent.

Is it just me or is it cool that they seem to be down to hang out at random local restaurants instead of just hiding at the Ritz Carlton?

Okay, maybe I'm just salty we never got good pics of Ariana Grande when she was in town...

As mentioned above, Mendes is in town to tour his album and will be playing two shows in Montreal at the Centre Bell. His first is this evening, August 20th, and he'll play a second tomorrow night as well.

No word yet on whether we'll get to see Señorita performed by the duo together on the Centre Bell stage, but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed.

And until then, here's the music video...

Now I need a cold shower.

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