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Shawn Mendes Confessed Last Night That Montreal Is The "Loudest" City He Has Visited (Video)

And boy was he right!
Shawn Mendes Confessed Last Night That Montreal Is The "Loudest" City He Has Visited (Video)

This week, Shawn Mendes is in Montreal as part of his North American tour. Last night, the current “it” boy in the entertainment industry performed the first of two Montreal shows.

Not only is this pop star a Canadian, but his undeniable charm and talent in particular make him a fan favourite in our city. It is safe to say that both he and his fans loved the event at the Bell Centre.

Celebrities do love performing in Montreal as well as spending time in the city. The great food options and quirky vibe ensure that they're entertained when they're not on stage.

But in the arena, Montreal crowds are incomparable. Electric energy and loud screams make the city one of the best places to perform.

From Hockey games and festivals to the countless concerts we are fortunate enough to host, Montreal natives know how to use their lungpower.

Mendes' loving admirers rushed to twitter during the show to show their love and appreciation to the singer and to share their deafening enthusiasm.

One fan wanted her followers to know how wild the energy was at the Bell Centre throughout his performance.  

During a live Q&A in Montreal, Mendes confessed that our city is always the loudest when it comes to cheering him on, which is something to be proud about.

Mendes stated “I spent the whole tour thinking how Montreal is going to be the loudest show it’s not even a question” and luckily for him, he was right.  

You can watch the Q&A in the video below. He begins to talk about Montreal noise after the 7:50 mark.

We have reported that he and his rumored girlfriend Camila Cabello have have been spotted getting cozy in the city.

There is a certain energy that Montrealers give off when watching a performance and in all honesty it is nice to be recognized for it.

We are a city that loves live concerts and talent, and of course, Shawn Mendes.  

The first night of his show looked like a blast, hopefully fans give off the same energy for his second performance tonight!

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If you see Shawn and Camila around the city, be sure to respect their personal space and privacy. But if you are able to snap a pic, we'd love to see it!

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