These Valentine's Day Posts Show Just How Romantic The Habs Truly Are

We also found some hilarious Valentine's Day card memes made about them.
These Valentine's Day Posts Show Just How Romantic The Habs Truly Are
  • Knowing how much we locals love the Montreal Canadiens, we decided to take a look into some of their love lives.
  • In doing so, we discovered a few cheesy posts by them or their significant others on February 14, 2020.
  • Read their Valentine's Day posts below!

Many people assume the Montreal Canadiens are some tough, macho athletes but in reality, most of them are kind-hearted men. And, although they were away playing a game this Valentine's Day, that doesn't mean that they did not show their significant others a little love on this cheesy holiday. Our Habs may have lost the game on Friday, but they won when it comes to relationships.

Dating a professional athlete can be hard. Not only are they constantly travelling but they're also surrounded by temptation in every city they play in. You definitely can't choose who you fall in love with, but it takes a strong and confident individual to be with a Montreal Canadien.

Some Habs players are still single, but some have been lucky to have found that true and authentic love. You know, that kind of love that Nicholas Sparks novels are about and so many of us simply gush over the special bond that these couples have. 

At the end of the day, Habs are just like us. They fall in love and take cheesy romantic photos with their significant others, which are then posted on the internet for all of us to look enviously. The following photos are enough to prove just that.

Phil Danault

Phil Danault and his wife Marie-Pierre recently became parents. The couple posts loving photos on their social media all the time, but this caption truly hit me in the feels.

"My happy place c’est toi FOREVER mine @phildanault21 Bonne St-Valentin I love you to the moon and back," Marie-Pierre wrote. Phil responded with a simple, yet powerful "love you baby," which really melted my heart.

Carey Price

We've been told that a picture says a thousand words and the above photo does just that. Carey Price and his wife Angela clearly have a lot of love for another. The photo may not have a caption but it doesn't need one — it's just that powerful.

Angela also went to Instagram to show her new Valentine's Day tradition: a heart-shaped pizza from Boston Pizza. And yes, that is pineapple you see!

Ilya Kovalchuk

Ilya Kovalchuk is a bright light on the team and his beautiful wife is clearly a big part of his world. Nikol posted this adorable photo on Instagram with the caption "Happy Valentine's Day".

You can tell from their body language how comfortable they're with one another and you can totally feel the love.

Dale Weise

Dale Weise and his drop-dead gorgeous wife Lauren have two sets of twins together. And, even with four children running around, they manage to still keep that spark alive — as you can tell from this sensual photo she posted on Valentine's Day.

Lauren captioned the photo with a little poem "Roses are red violets are blue you have a great butt & red looks nice on you #valentines"

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All the Habs players may not have celebrated V-Day (or at least they didn't all post about it), but many of theme ended being used as Valentine's Day cards.

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