Someone Has Been Vandalizing Signs In Montreal's STM Metro Stations (Photos)

The vandals are still on the loose.
Someone Has Been Vandalizing Signs In Montreal's STM Metro Stations (Photos)

It's not the first time something totally mysterious has happened in one of Montreal's metro stations. The truth is, if you're taking the metro often, you've become pretty accustomed to unusual or amusing things happening. Seriously, the city's metro has taught us how to have a good laugh at things we don't necessarily understand. Like how someone has been changing the names of Montreal's metro stations. 

No one really knows why it's happening, or who's doing it, but two stations on the green line have already been hit by whoever decided it would be a good idea to totally rearrange, and even alter, the name of both Atwater and Saint-Laurent stations.

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TL;DR Signs have been vandalized at Atwater and Saint-Laurent metro station signs on Montreal's green line to display different names. It's currently unknown if the vandalized signs are connected or coincidence. More details below.

Montrealer @a.oddity sent photos to MTLBlog of Atwater station signs rearranged to spell out "Twat" and "water."

Via Andrew Duchesneau | a.oddity

Via Andrew Duchesneau | a.oddity

Another video taken by@mariechose1105 shows another act of vandalism at St-Laurent station, otherwise known as "Sadnt-Laurent."

Via mariechose1105

It hasn't been confirmed that it is in fact the same person changing both metro signs, but seriously, both altered signs were spotted around the same time of the week and both are on the green line. It would be a strange coincidence if these two acts of vandalism are totally separate incidents. Though, it's impossible to confirm just when the signs were changed.

Of course, then again, such acts of vandalism have been unfortunately common for quite some time.

Have you seen any other metro signs vandalized lately? Let us know! Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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