Someone Hid $80,000 Cash In Montreal & If You Can Find It It's All Yours

Let the treasure hunt begin!
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Treasure Chest

This summer, people in cities across Canada will have the opportunity to participate in sprawling treasure hunts that will see some lucky participants claim prizes of between $80,000 and $100,000! $500,000 in cash will be spread across Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver for the occasion.

"Gold Rush Canada will test participants' speed and skill while adventuring through the city using their treasure hunt map to decode riddles, puzzles & clues leading to the location of hidden cash," according to a press release.

The treasure hunt effectively functions like a game of Clue in which Canadian cities are the game board. Treasure hunters must "take on the roles of detectives" to solve a murder mystery and locate their prize.

On the day of the hunt, Gold Rush will release maps of each city that participants can use to navigate their journeys. Hunters can work individually or collaborate with a group to find the treasure (though, presumably, a group would have to split the cash among its members).

In addition to the 6 primary host cities, a surprise city "will be added to the Gold Rush series of events" in the coming weeks. Though it's unclear whether that mystery city will also have a treasure for the taking.

The trasure hunt launches on August 17th in both Montreal and Calgary; August 24th in Vancouver and Toronto; July 27th in Ottawa and August 10th in Edmonton. Stay tuned for more news about the mysterious city to be added to the list.

There are some rules, however. Participants must avoid public parks, flower beds, cemeteries, school fields, sports fields, and any dangerous location.

Participants may use metal detectors, though!

For complete rules and to purchase your treasure map in advance, refer to the Gold Rush Canada website here!

Good luck, Montreal!

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