Someone In Montreal Just Won The Biggest Jackpot In Canadian History And They Don't Even Know It Yet

Loto Quebec has been around since 1969, and, since its inauguration, the betting company has been making a few lucky winners very, very rich.

It's the Lotto Max lottery, in particular, that makes people dream: though there have only been 26 winners in Quebec since its inauguration on September 25, 2009, these winners have collectively won $937 M.

The most recent Lotto Max draw is particularly desirable because it's the biggest draw in Canada's history. The lucky winner would win $65 million.

The Journal du Québec reported yesterday on the historic draw. They wrote that, since the beginning of the game in 2009, there have only been 4 draws over $60M, and no draws as large as the Tuesday draw.

The huge jackpot is due in part to there being no winners last Friday. The Friday jackpot was set at $60M.

Loto-Québec has just announced that the winner of the draw is in Montreal.

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The Tweet above reads, "65M$ Lotto Max: the biggest jackpot ever won in Canada has been won in Québec. The ticket was won in Montreal. CHECK YOUR TICKETS!"

The winner does not yet know that he or she has won this huge prize. Make sure to check your tickets!

You can find the winning number on Lotto-Québec's website. The winning number for the jackpot is 18-23-28-32-34-44-50.

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In fact, many jackpots go unclaimed at Loto-Québec. It's such a frequent occurrence that they have a section of their website dedicated to it.

On top of the jackpot, Loto-Québec also drew 10 additional "Maximillion" prizes of $1 million each.

Read the Journal du Québec article in French, on their website.