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Someone Is Trying To Sell Céline Dion's Used Tissue For $2,000 On Kijiji

They wrapped it in plastic to keep it in pristine condition.
Someone Is Trying To Sell Céline Dion's Used Tissue On Kijiji For $2,000

Céline Dion is pretty much Queen of Montreal. Performing at the Bell Centre on November 19 and 20, the Quebec diva was greeted with thunderous applause. It was an emotional homecoming. Earlier this fall, Céline had to postpone both Montreal shows due to illness. This week, the singer was clearly moved at her triumphant return home and warm reception. In several videos posted online, she can be seen shedding a tear or two.

Now, one Montrealer is claiming to be in possession of physical memento of that occasion: Céline's used tissues. The local has been trying to sell the souvenirs on Kijiji for the low, low price of $2,000.

Nowadays it seems as though you can buy everything online, including used celebrity tissues. I am not sure whether I am terrified about the used item or intrigued by it.

I do know that people collect all kinds of weird things, especially when it comes to mega-stars like Céline Dion. However, like everything else, I am sure there needs to be some sort of authentication that these items were touched by the sweat of greatness.

This is all I know about Céline's used Kleenex. The concert attendant claims to have been at a show on November 19 for Céline's Courage world tour. They say that they were “close enough to the stage” and stated that during the show, they grabbed the tissue that the Diva used throughout her performance.

The seller also stated that they “wanted to keep it” but thought there would be someone that was a bigger fan who needed it more — for $2,000 that is.

Below is a screenshot of the Kijiji sale page.

[rebelmouse-image 26888245 photo_credit="Kijiji" expand=1 original_size="814x563"] Kijiji

I can’t forget to mention the pristine condition of the used Kleenex., in case that was a concern. The seller has been safely storing it in a plastic bag to ensure it remains in “good” shape.

I have so many questions, including: how could someone truly know if this is, in fact, a tissue used by Céline herself? And, if there were proof, would it even be worth two grand?

[rebelmouse-image 26888252 photo_credit="kijiji" expand=1 original_size="823x217"] kijiji

We reached out to the vendor, who explained that, unfortunately, their post has since been deleted. "I think too many people thought it was fake haha," they wrote to MTL Blog. They say they're "gonna try to put the tissue back [up] for sale."

For anyone whose heart just can't go on without this precious piece of memorabilia, make sure to contact the seller before it's too late!

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