Someone Tried To Firebomb A Montreal Daycare & The Suspects Are Still At Large

The SPVM and daycare workers are stumped as to why this happened.
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Someone Tried To Firebomb A Montreal Daycare & The Suspects Are Still At Large
  • According to the SPVM, someone attempted to set fire to a Montreal daycare in the evening of November 7.
  • Thankfully, the molotov cocktail didn't detonate and no one was injured.
  • The suspects are still on the loose.

Workers at the K.I.D.S Daycare in the Montreal borough of  Pierrefonds-Roxboro alerted the police this morning after they found an unexploded molotov cocktail in their gymnasium.  SPVM spokesperson Manuel Couture says that an "attempted arson" occurred yesterday night. At 7:40 a.m., employees found that a window had been broken and a "bottle of flammable liquid" was thrown inside. The molotov cocktail failed to explode and other than a broken window, there were no damages or injuries. 

The SPVM's Arson Squad is currently on scene investigating but the daycare is still open and operational. Firefighters secured the area this morning and removed the ordinance from the daycare. There are no arrests at the moment. 

According to the Montreal Gazette, employees are confused as to why anyone would want to firebomb the daycare. The SPVM is also stumped as to why this happened. They are currently reviewing security footage and are on the lookout for any potential witnesses. 

Firebombings are unfortunately an all-too-frequent occurrence in Montreal. Just last month, an assailant threw a homemade firebomb at a dep clerk.

In fact, since 2009, there have been over 100 documented firebombings in Montreal.

Thankfully, no one was injured and the daycare was able to continue operations as usual today. 

There is still a police presence thanks to the SPVM's Arson Squad but they're hoping to find a lead soon. 

There's no indication as to what the motive could've possibly been for firebombing a daycare.

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This is the second time in two weeks that there have been reported firebombings in the West Island. Only two weeks ago, an unknown assailant firebombed a parked car in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. Police are still investigating that case. 

The SPVM's Arson Squad will be investigating throughout the day.

Some of you might remember the shocking footage of two clumsy arsonists who set fire to a shop in N.D.G. 

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