You Can Sleep In An Igloo At This Spa Less Than 2 Hours From Montreal
  • You know how people always think Canadians live in igloos? Well, now you can live up to this stereotype by spending your night in one at a fancy spa!
  • Find out the details of how you can do so below!

The idea of camping outdoors in the dead of winter after enjoying a luxurious spa day doesn't sound like an ideal time. Unless of course, the camping aspect takes place in a cozy, blanket lined igloo at a fancy spa.

And that's just what the Centre Le Rituel Spa in the village of Saint Côme, Quebec offers. Only an hour and a half drive outside of Montreal, this health center is the ideal way to pass a winter day and night. It's like spending a night in your own personal ice hotel, without the cost and long drive. 

Centre Le Rituel Spa has been offering its igloo package for a few years now. And while we have a few months before it's freezing cold and there's enough snow to support an igloo, it's already at the top of my bucket list.

Each igloo fits two people, so all you need to do is bring a friend, and maybe a toque, as the spa provides everything else: sleeping bags that keep you warm up to -25 °C, foam mats, candles, a night lamp, and wood for the outdoor fire.

What else could you need?

If you're still worried about the moisture and cold, the igloos are also equipped with insulation boards and wool carpets. But regardless, you'll want to pack your fluffiest of pyjamas to make sure you keep warm. You'll also want to have your jacket and boots nearby since the bathrooms at night are outside. 

Located on the banks of the L'Assomption river this is a tranquil and serene spot to relax as you're being pampered. The igloo package comes with one night in your own igloo, access to the health center and outside spa along with a massage of your choice (they pretty much cover everything from physiotherapy to reflexology). They even provide the bathrobe!

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There are also indoor and outdoor fireplaces to cozy up in front of, as well as saunas, in case you can't stand the cold for a minute longer.

Prices start at $300 - which isn't cheap - but for a once in a lifetime experience and all the extras that come along with it, the price doesn't seem all that bad if you can swing it. 

Yes, it's not even November, but the bookings for these mini-hotels go fast. So, it's better to reserve now than miss your chance. 

The Igloo Package at Centre Le Rituel Spa

When: Up to you!

Where: 1421 Rue Principale, Saint-Côme

Cost: Starting at $300 per night