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Hot Springs & Pools In Quebec To Soak Your Way Through Winter

Wash away your stress!
Spas Near Montreal With Hot Springs & Pools To Soak Your Way Through Winter

There is always something to be discovered in and around our city. Living in a place with such an abundance of nature surrounding us, it comes as no surprise that within driving distance, we can find a ton of hot springs, pools, and spas.

There is something extremely soothing about soaking away your sorrows while sitting in a hot spring. Not to mention, they are super beneficial when it comes to easing body aches — an added bonus. 

Throughout the upcoming chilly winter months, it would be nice to be able to take part in an outdoor activity that doesn’t involve wearing a lot of clothing. And going into hot springs only requires a bathing suit and the will to get out of your house and go on an adventure. This is a great way to warm up while also taking in the views of the beauty around you.

If you are someone who loves to be pampered, or if you just love being immersed in warm water, then you are going to want to check out these epic hot springs. I can assure you that you won't regret it! 

Spa Scandinave

Where: 4280 Montée Ryan, Mont Tremblant, QC

Why you need to go: It's both the perfect spot to relax and so close to home! The goal of Spa Scandinave is to pamper you and make sure that you leave significantly more relaxed than when you walked through the door.

Le Nordik Nature Spa

Where: 16 Chemin Nordik, Chelsea, QC

Why you need to go: This breathtaking spa is an ideal spot to let go of your troubles and allow your mind, body, and soul to be rejuvenated. This destination has numerous outdoor baths, all of which are at different temperatures to ensure you find one that makes your body content. They even have a Biergarten in case you're in need of some extra relaxation!

Siberian Station Spa

Where: 339 Rue de Genève, Quebec City

Why you need to go: This spa houses epic Scandinavian-inspired hot tubs surrounded by the grandeur of an encompassing forest. This relaxing destination will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter a world of pure tranquillity.

Appalaches Lodge

Where: 1 Rue de la Coulée, Saint-Paul-de-Montminy, QC

Why you need to go: This destination offers Nordic baths that are designed to help open pores, soothe physical pain and promote good blood circulation. These baths also contribute to muscle relaxation. The spa also has dog sledding, so you can get some animal therapy in by spending time with some beautiful huskies while you're here.

Polar Bears Club

Where: 930 Boulevard des Laurentides, Piedmont, QC

Why you need to go: This spa occupies a unique spot in Piedmont, only an hour from Montreal. The spa offers three safe entry points to a river with two thermal waterfalls. The facility also houses steam and dry heat saunas and outdoor pools. What makes this location so special is that is was drawn by the force of glaciers and an ancient river!

Amerispa Spa Nordique

Where: 160 Rue Watchorn, Morin-Heights, QC

Why you need to go: Situated less than an hour away from Montreal, this spa offers a true Nordic experience, made up of a Nordic Waterfall, eucalyptus-scented steam bath, a waterfall, and other services that are designed to release your stress. This stunning location may not have natural hot springs but the spa has created an impressively relaxing environment.

Bagni Spa Station Santé

Where: 1796 Rue des Mélèzes, Sainte-Adèle, QC

Why you need to go: This spa offers full access to Rivière à Simon for a unique stone river bath. For the less adventurous, there are Turkish steam baths, heated whirlpools, and other unique services. And, to top it all off, this is located just over an hour from Montreal!

What's your favourite hot spring or pool?

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