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20 Of The Spiciest Dishes In Montreal

I still can't feel my tongue.
20 Of The Spiciest Dishes In Montreal
  • These are 20 of the spiciest dishes we could find in Montreal.
  • To compile this list, we made use of customer reviews as well as personal experience.
  • This list represents a variety of cuisines and a diversity of locations on Montreal Island.

Some lists are easy; find the best soft-serve ice cream spots in Montreal? How delightful and refreshing. Don't mind if we do. Please wait here while we treat ourselves to a nice cool down on this hot August day. 

And then there are lists like finding the hottest Montreal dishes. And by hot we don't mean trendiest, we mean THE spiciest.

The level of spice anyone can withstand is completely arbitrary. But as a lover of all things ranking on the Scoville scale, if there's somewhere on your list that is a must-try for a Montrealer, let us know! 

These 20 spiciest dishes we found are dishes that will make your waiter raise an eyebrow when you order and ask, "Are you sure?" and shake his head as he walks away. Dishes where your nose hairs twitch before they're even out of the kitchen with the plate, dishes that will make your mouth numb, your eyes bleed, and your organs ask what they ever did to deserve this treatment. 

These are dishes that will make you wonder if your taste buds have packed their belongings, said a big 'Fuck you' and moved to a small town in England never to be seen again. 

Rubs American BBQ

WHERE: 17 Rue Prince-Arthur

WHAT: Ghost Pepper Bloody Caesar

The restaurant name pretty much sums up this restaurant's fares. Though the staff may be friendly, they really want to see a grown man/woman cry. The caesar is tasty until you feel it ripping its way down your esophagus.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Ghost Peppers


Aunt Dai

Aunt Dai

WHERE: 1448 Rue St-Mathieur

WHAT: Mapo Tofu

Aunt Dai prides itself on serving traditional NorthEastern cuisine. The menu doesn't follow the normal format, instead, every entry is followed by the owner's personal take on each dish.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Chili Oil and ‎Sichuan Peppercorn



WHERE: 6079 Rue Sherbrooke O.

WHAT: Beef Vindaloo

This Indian restaurant is about as unassuming as it gets. The waiter, trying to save me from myself, didn't want to serve me a regular vindaloo. I probably should have listened.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Red chili...and something probably cultivated from Satan's garden.

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Restaurant Jolee

Restaurant Jolee

WHERE: 5495 Avenue Victoria

WHAT: Chili chicken

What's a spicy list without a South Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Chili sauce

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "If you enjoy spicy food, you'll be in heaven." (TripAdvisor)


Satay Brothers

WHERE: Visit them at 3721 Notre-Dame West or their summer-only Kiosk at the Atwater Market: 138 Atwater Avenue

WHAT: Homemade spicy sambal

You can order pretty much anything at this Singaporean restaurant and spice it up to your heart's content with their homemade chili sauce. But we still recommend the beef rendang or their famous laksa soup.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: A variety of chili peppers

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "They asked me if I wanted it spicy and I said yes. Will not do that again. :-)" (Resto Montreal)

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Caribbean Curry House

WHERE: 6892 Avenue Victoria

WHAT: Jerk Chicken

A Montreal staple for Caribbean cuisine, they're known for their rotis but if you want to play with fire ask for the jerk chicken, spicy.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Scotch bonnet peppers

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "Make the pilgrimage and be rewarded with flavors and spice that will make you cry Rasta!" (Yelp)

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Restaurant Thanjai

WHERE: 4759 Avenue Van Horne

WHAT: Mirch masala dosa or the Chili Chicken

There are over 41 dosas on this South Indian restaurants menu. But it's the mirch masala you need to head for if you're brave — dipped in their spiced green chutney if you're feeling crazy.

WHY IT'S SO HOT:Mangalore chili peppers

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "We asked for medium spice on the chili chicken and proceeded to lose feeling in our lips and tear up a bit" (Yelp)


Restaurant Thailand

WHERE: 88 Avenue Bernard O.

WHAT: Kaeng Phed Talay

This Thai restaurant is a bit on the pricier side, but worth every penny. The kitchen does play it safe in the heat factor but if your tastebuds have no fear, ask for it really spicy. Perhaps I was a bit too cocky and they just wanted to show me the error in my ways, but this burned.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Red Chili

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "Why do they hate me so?" (said by me while trying to breathe sharply through my mouth)

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Mae Sri Comptoir Thai

WHERE: 224 Rue Milton

WHAT: Tum Pu Pla Ra (Papaya Issan)

This authentic noodle stand serves some of the best and most affordable Thai street food dishes.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Chili pepper

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "If you value your palate and taste buds, get the regular one, if you laugh in the face of pain, get the Issan." (Shutupandeat)

Check out the full menu

Shahi Palace Restaurant


WHERE: 4773 Blvd. Sources

WHAT: Balti

This is a lamb meat curry dish that is as tasty as it is spicy. They just renovated the restaurant, so you can burn your lips off in their newly decorated dining room.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Garam masala (a mix of Indian spices)

*This hidden gem is known to locals and doesn't even have a website.

Chez Chili

WHERE: 1050B Rue Clark

WHAT: Steamed Spicy Fish and Lamb

Chez Chili can go either way. Some dishes, while seasoned perfectly, won't even rank a sip of water — while others like the spicy fish and lamb will make you inhale the rice bowl.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Mostly chili peppers

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "Also, when they say spicy, they mean SPICY - not for the faint of heart!" (Yelp)


Pamika Brasserie

WHERE: 901 Rue Sherbrooke E.

WHAT: Duck Salad

If you noticed, this Thai restaurant made it on the list twice. While duck salad sounds rather innocuous, this one has a burn that many people can't handle.

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "Not recommended if you can't handle the spiciness." (Yelp)



WHERE: 1110 Rue Clark

WHAT: Spicy and Peppery Lamb with Cumin

This Chinatown staple is a weird mix of way too spicy and not spicy enough. If you're the former make sure to let the waiter know you're there to tough it out.

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "If you like spicy, this is the place for you. If you're scared of spicy food, well this is also the place for you." (Yelp)



WHERE: 3969 Blvd. LaSalle

WHAT: Ragout of Tofu

There are a lot of not so common dishes at this Verdun Korean restaurant to try but the spicy ragout of tofu is what you have to try.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Korean chili flakes (gochugaru)


Bombay Choupati

WHERE: 5011 Blvd. Sources

WHAT: Fire Masala Dosa

The only recipe on their menu that garners a two-pepper rating is their take on a masala dosa. I'm now questioning their rating system altogether. But if you can make it out to Pierrefonds, this is the Indian restaurant to hit.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Red and green chilis

Check out their Facebook page

Pamika Brasserie Thai

WHERE:901 Sherbrooke E.

WHAT: Kra Prao with fried egg

This is one of the most popular Thai street foods and Pamika doesn't miss. Minced pork filet, long beans, holly basil, and a fried egg cooked with fresh chilis.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Thai chili

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "Tip: if the waiter says it’s very spicy, trust him! It actually IS very spicy!" (TripAdvisor)

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WHERE: 2027 Blvd. St-Laurent

WHAT: Any of their spicy Madras

There aren't a ton of Punjabi restaurants in Montreal that have such a great reputation. The madras are already fiery but ask them to not hold back on this red curry sauce. Let's fire it up!

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Chili powder

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: ..."take out was fast, and the spice blend in our curry and vindaloo was complex and spicy -- not bland or overly salty." (TripAdvisor)

See the full menu

Restaurant Ganadara

WHERE: 1862 Blvd. Maisonneuve O.

WHAT: The Supreme Tteokbokki Poutine

There is so much going on with this 'poutine' and it's confusing and oh so tasty.

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "So much flavour. Spicy (make sure you can handle it)" (TripAdvisor)

Take a look a their Facebook page

McKibbin's Irish Pub

WHERE: There are four locations across Montreal. Click here to find the closest one to you.

WHAT: Rim Reaper Chicken Wings

The Irish aren't known for their spices. But that didn't stop McKibbin's. You have to sign a waiver to enter the challenge of eating 12 of the wings. No milk. You get a shirt after. Are you a masochist? Then it's worth every excruciating moment.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Ghost Pepper

BRAVE SOUL REVIEW: "My mouth was so numb from pain that I could not even tell I had fries in my mouth." (Lordof theWings)


Boucherie Beau Bien  

WHERE: 3748 Rue Ontario E.

WHAT: Ass Reaper Hot Sauce

Ok, so this isn't a restaurant, but this little boutique is home to some of the hottest hot sauces known to man. The Ass Reaper will make you weep.

WHY IT'S SO HOT: Habanero peppers, African Oleoresin, Scotch Bonnet peppers

See the full list of hot sauces

Let us know if we missed any of your favourite spicy dishes! Though I may need to give my tastebuds a long and cool vacation. Stay safe out there.

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