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Starbucks Plans To Reopen 'As Many Stores As Possible' By The End Of May

The company expects to gradually resume operations.
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Starbucks Plans To Reopen 'As Many Stores As Possible' By The End Of May

You might be able to get your Starbucks fix more easily next month. Starbucks Canada plans to reopen "as many stores as possible" by the end of May. The company will evaluate how to best proceed and will gradually resume operations "on a community-by-community basis," according to a press release.

"As we enter this new phase, we know that we can evolve how we serve our customers as restrictions begin to lift and we are ready to continue to be fluid in how we serve our communities," said the president of Starbucks Canada, Lori Digulla. 

Starbucks will reopen its stores with safety at the forefront of its plan. There will be mandatory measures enforced such as hand-washing and social distancing. 

"Starbucks will monitor and adjust its operations [...] working closely with local leadership, health authorities and provincial governments as the environment and regulations change," the press release states.

"We will continue to lean into the many safety measures we’ve already put in place, and as we monitor and adapt, we will invest in new solutions, if needed, to ensure you feel cared for and supported," added Digulla. 

Since Starbucks closed its stores in late-March, customers have been able to get their Starbucks with delivery apps, drive-thrus, and curbside pickup.

For the time being, these services will continue while it figures out how to safely open stores to the public. 

By the end of May, the company expects to have some retail locations open in select communities. 

To protect customers and employees, Starbucks will continue to implement the following safety measures: 

  • All employees are required to wear facial covering if they are working. They will also "maintain physical distancing and sanitize high touch surfaces frequently."

  • On each shift, all employees are required to take their temperature and "use the Covid-19 Virtual Coach to ensure they are ready and able to work."

  • Plexi-shields will be installed at checkout points when stores open. 

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In response to the crisis, Starbucks donated over one million cups of coffee to frontline responders. The company continues to provide goodwill to frontline workers. 

In addition, Starbucks donated over $1 million in food and financial aid to community organizations across the county. 

Starbucks has also extended its "Catastrophe Pay" to all employees until June 14. 

Stay tuned for updates.

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