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STM Bus Service Is So Unreliable Montrealers Are Forced To Take Their Cars

Will this ever get better?
STM Bus Service Is So Unreliable Montrealers Are Forced To Take Their Cars

Some Montrealers live a significant distance from any train or metro stations, so they basically have no other choice but to hop on a bus during the first leg of their morning commutes. 

But what happens in the winter, when Montreal streets are covered in snow, slush, and ice? It's natural that bus service may be negatively impacted, but not to the degree experienced by many locals. In short, Montrealers are furious because it looks like the STM bus service has officially reached a new low.

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TL;DR A recent report by the Montreal Gazette shows just how unreliable the STM bus service is in the winter for some citizens. These Montrealers are so sick and tired of waiting for buses that never come, they've opted for taking their cars to work instead.

It's not that the bus is simply late, sometimes it doesn't even show up at all. Not everyone has jobs with flexible start hours where they can casually stroll into the office 10-15 minutes late each day. Teachers, nurses, workers, all on shift work are relied on to show up on time. 

In a recent report by The Montreal Gazette, we can see just how far the unreliable bus service affects Montrealers.

An interview with a local Monrealer who lives in Lachine - an area where you're mostly require to take a bus to get to a metro or train - reveals just how bad the situation is for some citizens.

The Lachine resident said that when there is a snow storm, buses often fail to show up at all. She then has to wait extra 30 minutes in the cold for another bus, that may not even come! She is a teacher, and her class relies on her to get to work on time. 

As a result, she began taking her car to work because she could no longer afford to rely on the highly unreliable bus service in her area.

That said, it looks like this isn't the only Montreal with a serious gripe against the STM. The official numbers show ridership has declined over the past 5-years.

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Hopefully the STM will hear Montrealers plea and work towards finding solutions to get bus service back up to a reliable and respectable standard in the winter time.

More transport news to come!


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