STM Calls Out The Worst Kinds Of People On The Bus And Metro In Brand-New Ad Campaign

This weekend, Montreal's favourite public transit service, the STM, unveiled a new advertising campaign that targets people who have terrible bus and metro etiquette. How they went about it, however, is a little offbeat... to say the least. 

Teased as the new "#prehistorics" campaign, this series of clever illustrations take aim at some of the most annoying people we can find on the bus and metro system.

The STM's "#preshistorics" campaign is billed as "a new humouristic campaign aiming to prevent clients from adopting prehistoric behaviours on the bus and metro", according to the official press release

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TL;DR  The STM launched a new ad campaign over the weekend. This "#prehistorics" initiative is aimed at preventing people from adopting "prehistoric" behaviours when using public transit. As a cute and clever way to draw attention to the jerks on the bus and metro, the STM's new strangely adorable ad campaign is fantastic. 


We're all used to seeing the boring old announcements that would let us know the tenants of basic decency when using public transit. I guess the STM thought it was time for a change and went with "#prehistorics". The campaign apparently targets the most frequent customer complaints that the STM receives. 

According to the official press release, all customers are invited to share their suggestions for new illustrations by sharing #préhistoriques on social media. The best suggestions will be made into new illustrations that will appear in the metro network and social media. 

I petition that we bombard the STM social media with #préhistoriques photos of manspreading on the bus. I'd love to see how they'd make an illustration of that. 

Some of the illustrations feature common jerks like people who don't take off their overflowing backpacks. 

Via Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

I like that the pterodactyl is still alive so you know damn well that he's thrashing around like an asshole and smacking you in the face. Also, cave dude has the audacity to bring a spear AND a club on the bus? Ugh. 

One of the newer complaints you'll hear is the one where some jerk is hogging the entire metro three-way handlebar thingy which I just learned is actually called a tripod. Ok. 

Via Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

I swear, I saw this same dude last week cruising some seats while hogging the whole bloody "tripod". I sometimes wonder where these people come from. Well, from prehistory, apparently. 

If you'll allow some awkward phrasing, this one here is all too real. 

Via Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

What I'm curious about is who can possibly be on the other end of that horn? Who is she talking to? I don't think this ad is so much about phones as it is about the people who want to make you believe in the power of Jesus, but who's to say. 

Sure, the STM pisses everyone off by being late, unreliable, and an all-around bad time but they certainly know how to make a clever PSA announcement. 

Make sure to send in your #préhistoriques photos of manspreading, loud chewers, people that bring aboard ski equipment, gargantuan baby strollers, high school children, etc. 

Check out the rest of the campaign on the STM website


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