STM OPUS Cards Just Got A Lot More Expensive And People Are Not Happy

The new tariffs were effective starting July 1.
STM OPUS Cards Just Got A Lot More Expensive And People Are Not Happy

Two months ago, the ARTM, or the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain, announced a price hike for the exo, RTL, STL and STM tickets.

Almost all fares will now be more expensive, including the one-way pass, which the STM is increasing for the first time in four years. The new changes came into effect yesterday, July 1, 2019.

Nevertheless, many people were unpleasantly surprised when they went to renew their OPUS card yesterday or this morning heading back to work.

It is common for the ARTM to increase ticket prices. The ARTM states that the new ticket prices reflect the inflation rate and the increase in maintenance costs. 

This notably affects the price of OPUS cards. The monthly fare has increased from $85 to $86.50. Luckily, the reduced-fare tickets for students, children and the elderly and not getting more expensive.

The initial announcement was met with some backlash. Many people felt that this price increase was not warranted given the out-of-date underground system.

Watch the MTLBlog video below for more information:

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Others felt that this price hike would enable the STM to do some much-needed maintenance

(The opus card increased by $1)

The tweet above reads:How has the opus card gotten more expensive with their shitty service?

When the new prices came into effect, many took to Twitter to express their annoyance.

Many comments on our original article also show discontent for the service. People commented thing such as "Why do we have to pay more for a shitty service??" and "yet the SERVICE has been getting worse for quite awhile now! 😠"

Others think this increase makes sense. One comment reads, "Makes sense... called inflation... minimum wage just went up, therefore all prices go up..."

You can consult the full tariff schedule for the STM as well as for exo and STL networks here.

You can read our article about the initial announcement here.

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